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Respecting All Perspectives in 5D

You have the power of choice to live in a very expansive and beautiful reality, or in a very limited, grey, and narrow reality. Are you consciously choosing how you want to experience your life?

We are all looking at the world around us through the windows of our own perspectives and value systems that were at large programmed to our "computer" in our childhood.

To empower yourself it is crucial that you keep reviewing the old programs of your life's navigational system. Without a conscious and consistent effort to replace the outdated beliefs that are no longer serving you, feelings of resentment, experience of lack and stuck energies are likely on your daily plate. To help you with integrating new beliefs and perspectives that are not limiting you in any way, I include a link to a phenomenal tool that can improve your life significantly. Click on the below image to access Quantum Reprogramming page.

Our world is an amazing hub of diversity in the great scheme of creation. It was meant to be that way. That is what attracted us to Earth in the first place; the experience of diversity, freedom of choice and a great curiosity about how it feels to perceive a separation from All That Is while in the physical. We also decide when we want to consciously reunite with the energy of Source while we are in the physical or back in Spirit. We make that choice every day, every moment, we either act in alignment with Love and Light or we act out of alignment. Going up the ladder or down the hill. It is easy when you follow the wisdom of your Heart, the perfect navigational system of your Soul. It gets very hard when you continuously ignore the Voice and keep acting out of alignment. Alternative healing modalities such as Soul Realignment or a QHHT session can help with getting back on track and remember who you are on a soul level and what you came here to accomplish.

As we are all becoming more aware of our multidimensional existence, we notice how people in the same town, living side by side, can be experiencing two completely different realities, based on their individual, very different perspectives. And that is fascinating to observe indeed!

My 6-year-old daughter is a firm believer in all things magical, Unicorns, Fairies, Angels, God, ...she is a very happy child. On the other side of the road, her 6 year old friend is a "non-believer" or should I say, he believes that there is no God, there are no Angels, no Fairies, no Santa, no magic. He is a happy kid too. They never fought over who is right or wrong, they simply stated their perspectives and totally respect each other's believes. I find that inspiring. There is always a story behind a behaviour. As I listen to my clients' life stories, I am fascinated by the complexity and simplicity of our lives at the same time. I cannot possibly judge anyone anymore as I understand that there is ALWAYS a heart-touching story behind every negative behaviour someone projects onto the world. All I can feel now is a deep compassion and understanding for all human beings. And an immense appreciation for the infinite diversity of experiences available to us on this planet.

We are all trying to figure out who we are in the mirrors of life. "What part of the Divine puzzle am I," we ask. As we learn about the world around us, we get to understand the world within us while acknowledging our own preferences. We love the vibe of some and we don't resonate with others. Choose to enjoy learning about other people's perspectives and different aspects of life without judging, building fences, holding grudges, and creating separation and unhappiness.

We are walking through the expansive energies of the higher vibrational New Earth, and we are eager to understand. When we choose to witness what is going on around us with wonder and an engaged Heart, we don't say, "This shouldn't be! That is wrong! How could they think and be that way!" Instead we say, "That is different! That is interesting! I wonder why they did that! What would I do if I was in their shoes? How does it make me feel? Do I feel guided to do anything about this or am I just witnessing this to learn from it?" Enjoy being curious just like you did when you were a little kid, in awe all of the time. It is possible to own and honour your perspective, while respecting others too. Embrace Unity Consciousness.

You can decide where you direct your torch light, and why not keep pointing it to the view of your liking? No more of "Wait till I tell you about this guy and that gal, what they did was awful the other day" or talking about the horrific situation that the news reported from the other side of the world! Why dragging the negative energy structure throughout your day and spoil the precious moment of the here & now, when there is so much to appreciate, here, now? Drop the baggage that does not belong to you. Choose to be free, be you, be present... unwrap the present.

The Light that dwells within us all takes many different forms upon our planet Earth. May you always sense the Divinity of Light underneath the masks we are all wearing temporarily. Some lights are dimmed almost to the nip, some are shining so brightly and fearlessly. Love the fact that we can express ourselves in so many ways. Allow yourself, without judgment or justification to simply "be you" and find your natural fit in the greater scheme of life. Allow your excitement & what feels good to guide you through your Life magically. We are spiritually free when we choose to give all souls, including ourselves, the right to be, a unique expression of Life itself, on a wonderous path of remembering.

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