Have You Had A Past Life Dream?

Memories from your past lives don’t always come when you’re meditating or in a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.. Some of the most vivid past life recalls can come through dreams; some can be revealed during childhood, and others emerge later in life. If you’ve ever, experienced vivid dreams that feel unbelievably real, then information and symbols from past lives may be coming through your sub-conscious mind. When you sleep, your conscious mind takes a break and the sub-conscious mind, the one much more closely connected to your Divine Self, gets to be in the drivers seat. If you’ve ever gone to bed upset or frustrated and the woken up feeling better, that’s your sub-conscious working and m

High Priestess & New Earth - Past & Future Life Regression

I really enjoyed last week’s group regression for the amazing conversations and healing experiences that occurred. I look forward to hosting another one again soon. You can book your place here: https://www.quantumhealingjourney.ie/events Group regression session takes approximately 4 hours, depending on how much the participants want to share and discuss their experience with the group. I cover 3 main parts in my group hypnosis sessions, plus a surprise psychological exercise at the end: 1) One past life regression; 2) Meeting your Spirit Guide (the one that is assigned to you from birth to death), this is a wonderful opportunity for you to receive a personal message and a gift from your gu

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