Science Finally Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others

I love it when science is catching up with ancient wisdom. Here is an interesting article that might help a sceptic to stretch his/her belief about our ability to energeticly connect to other human beings and draw or give energy between us. A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw energy from others in much the same way. Members of Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse’s biological research team have confirmed for the first time that a plant, the green

Knight's Regrets (Past Life Healing) QHHT

This is a QHHT session transcript. My client wanted to find out what is the underlying cause of arguments with her partner. They both love each other deeply but they argue about the silliest things and when they do, she feels a sharp pain in her right arm. The pain has been getting stronger lately and was bothering her entire right arm and neck. She also had other concerns & questions which were addressed in her session but the core of her session was this beautifully uncovered life story of the English knight. I hope you enjoy it. ------- JULIA: Tell me what is happening? CLIENT: I see a thick fog all around, it’s been here for some time. It’s frustrating because it’s making the battle hard

The Power To Heal Yourself (QHHT)

Pre Face by Suzanne Spooner: Hi Everyone, As a QHHT practitioner and director for the Official QHHT Practitioner’s Global Forum I witness and read often about the many people who are able to create their own physical healing in QHHT sessions. This isn’t miraculous in my work, it is common! As we know through the great life work of Dolores Cannon, the body is a messenger. If we are off our path emotionally or spiritually it will many times let us know with physical sensations in a way we will listen. Pain or discomfort seems to be a way to get our attention best. Where the discomfort is located at is telling us what we need to listen to so we understand the message. Dolores found that our bod

Feminine & Masculine Aspects (Shamanic Sound Healing Experience)

This time I would like to share my own healing experience as it relates to the feminine & masculine energy aspects. I was gifted with a SHAMANIC SOUND HEALING session in Dublin last week. My intention was to understand why women feel the pain, anger, sadness and other well-known syndromes once a month known as PMS. I was getting a feeling lately that it is a "knocking" of something ancient that my soul wishes to heal & release. The practitioner was a gentleman whom I just met few moments before the session started. He was doing his final assessment before completing the sound healing course and I was the needed volunteer. He had lovely, caring, light energy. As we exchanged few words, we bot

Remembering who we trully are! (QHHT)

FOLLOWING IS A QHHT SESSION TRANSCRIPT. My client came seeking help because she felt like all her life she was letting others step over her and she was losing herself. She wanted to know why. She wanted to feel empowered in order to be able to step-up for herself and live her life on her terms. Julia: ... tell me where are you, what do you perceive? Client: I see a field, white flowers, it feels like a higher place on a mountain, there is a breeze, I see sky and just the field. There is a dark spot in the air, on the left, like a black hole, hovering over the grass. I can walk into it, it’s large. Doesn’t feel comfortable at all because it’s black. Julia: Full of possibilities, isn’t it? Are

Powerful Women Healers (QHHT Past life story)

This beautiful story started with my client seeing a black scorpion walking in front of her feet. She found herself being a man, walking across desert towards the mountain with a male companion. They were walking for many days, he felt tired and he was only carying a satchel with little water left and black sparkly stones to pay for a medicine for his younger son who was very weak. They got to the healer who was an old man sitting in the middle of his red tent full of herbs & strong aromas. He was preparing the medicine in front of the two men. It looked like a black oil and it was made from the skin of the animals, coconut oil, sage, lavender, rosehip, teasel & berries. Behind the man was s

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