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A Path of Righteousness – Past Life Story of a Japanese Samurai (16th Century)

This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Journey session was done online via www.zoom.us sparing the client the stress of traveling for many hours to meet me.

The client came to me because he is at a crossroad in his life, looking at 3 different career options, each would have very different outcomes for him and his family so he wanted to be sure that he is making the right decision.

My words are taken out for easier flow of the story and for your more enjoyable reading experience.




I am walking through a port town; the air feels damp. I am not too tall, but I am strong, bulky. My right-hand rests on my sword and my left-hand rests on a purse with a scroll document in it. I head towards the Town Hall. I hand delivered the scroll to the Shogun. I am not important to him; he dismisses me immediately. I do not like the man, he is selfish, he has no regards for others. I imagine I chop him in half. I think about his assassination daily.

Next important moment:

It is late evening, I am in my bedroom, confining my feelings to my wife about the Shogun, how corrupt he is and how he causes pain to many honest people in town. She tells me to keep my head down, that he is a powerful man. I nod to her and go to sleep, but the strong feelings remain with me.


I killed the Shogun. I feel a great relief.


There seem to be no immediate consequences for me. No one accuses me but people in town assume it was me although I did not admit doing it. They expected me to do it. There is a sense of relief in town.


We are marching on horses out of the port town, my horse is white, we are fully armed, with banners, and moving fast. A handful of men with me. I feel supported by them. It is winter.

We are resting overnight in an abandoned house deep in the forest, I feel tired, my right arm feels very heavy, after a fight. We were attacked by the late Shogun’s men who came to kill me. But we fought them well.


We arrive at the emperor’s palace. I kneel and bow my head down with my sword out as a sign of my submission/service to the wise emperor. I am given a chance to explain why I killed the corrupt selfish Shogun. It was a matter of honor what I did. And in favor of the emperor. He comes toward me, puts his hand on my head and blesses me. I feel a great sense of relief and deep respect for my leader. I am forgiven. I am no longer a renegade.


It is springtime, a beautiful day, I am in celebration of my wedding. Alone with my bride, soaking in a peaceful moment in a beautiful nature, the energy of this moment feels very pure. I am not sure what happened to my previous wife, it does not matter. My new relationship is a result of the change I made. I feel blessed.


I am the Shogun now, in charge of the port town. The emperor appointed me as the man of justice and righteousness. There is order and peace in our town now. I feel much respect from my people.


I am dying of old age. Saying goodbyes. I am at peace, leaving my body.

Life Between Lives Soul Wisdom/ Lessons from that past life.

Always go with your intuition, with your gut, not with others' advice. Everything that should be done as the right thing to do, just do it. Even if it is going to create immediate problems in your life, even if it shakes other people’s lives, but you must do it when you know that it is the right and just thing to do. Always do what’s right.

Higher-Self advice for his current life:

You have to be strong, don’t be weak in your decisions. Remember your core self. Whatever path you choose, you must be true to yourself and be uncompromising.

(It is hard sometimes to be uncompromising, there is fear, we seek the comfort of others around us for the safety.) But you must be straight, always walk the righteous path even if it is hard. You must be true to yourself.




The client also recognized few significant people from that life in his current life. His first wife then as his dad now, still trying to convince him to do things that are out of alignment with his core self. One of the men who protected him is a close friend now. The late shogun that he killed,as a childhood friend who was awakening the same feelings of rage inside him in this life.

There was also a deep healing experienced as heavy old feelings/energies were released from his liver, lungs, heart, stomach, hands... feeling much lighter, peaceful and stronger.

He was able to see clearly what path to choose now as only one of them was in alignment with his heart.




To find information on how to book your Quantum Healing Hypnosis Journey session, click HERE

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