Do any of these complaints sound familiar to you?

"I think I am a StarSeed, I would love to know where my soul comes from and what are my Galactic connections." 

* * *

"I would love to know about my Spirit Guides and how I can work with them more consciously."

* * *

"I am so interested in all topics Extraterrestrial, Metaphysical, Spiritual, I wonder why."

* * *

"I wonder about my Soul Gifts, do I have any? What is my Life Purpose?

* * *

"Did I have any Past Lives before this one? I am drawn to certain countries and cultures, I wonder if I lived there."

* * *

"I think I might have Negative Energy Attachments affecting me and sabotaging my life."
* * *

"I am constantly Procrastinating & sabotaging my well being, I wonder if it's a block from a past life."

* * *

"I have a great Fear of ....., I can't understand why, could it be a past life issue?"

* * *

"I am dreaming about creating something that I could be proud of but I don't believe I am good enough."

* * *


These are some of the most common frustrations my clients struggle with when they contact me asking for help.  

 I am super grateful  that I  took time to master a special technique from the inspirational

Andrea Hess  who thought me how to find key answers and  soul-level healing by

tapping into the Akashic Records/Soul Records.

The key to life mastery ~ is Self-knowledge! 

Even though our Soul is the most fundamental aspect of our existence most people never

think about who they are at Soul-level! Isn't that crazy?!

If you are not creating exactly what you want in life, chances are that there is some key

information  about your soul history that you are missing.

If you are at the point when you question everything in your life,  

it may be the right time for you to book a Soul Realignment session now!

Just imagine...

...having your BIG life questions answered, feeling at PEACE with your past!

...understanding YOUR life PURPOSE, following your PASSION!

...family and friends complimenting your new CONFIDENCE and ENERGY!

...old guilt & shame lifted off of you, no more feeling down for months!

...knowing your worth and receiving RESPECT from others!
being COMFORTABLE with your life decisions, no more hesitation!

...BEING ACTION-TAKER, taking each next step with a determined mind.

...feeling truly HAPPY regardless of any external circumstances!

...living life on YOUR TERMS!

Soul Realignment Clients' Feedback

"Soul Realignment session with Julia helped me understand the root cause of very negative relationships with my family and my very frustrating indecisiveness. What Julia said about my past lives with certain family members hit the nail on the head. The message definitely resonated with me and I am now able to stay above the drama. Instead, I focus on clearing & transforming the very low energy in the family. It's great to know what my life purpose is and I feel empowered to make decisions like never before. Also, the heavy weight of guilt and shame that I was battling with has lifted. I have a fairly positive outlook on my future which is a huge contrast to where I was at prior to the session. Maybe it's just my imagination but I seem to be meeting nicer people when I'm out and about. I am very grateful to Julia for her help, understanding, patience, non-judgement, energy and wisdom. You are up for a treat if you connect with her. "

Marie Brennan, Westport

 Soul Realignment® can help you understand your history & life purpose so that you can create quantum leaps in your life improvement. You will find yourself making new choices that are in alignment with your soul's divine plan.​

  • Wouldn't it be nice to be in-sync and feel balanced in all areas of your life? 

  • If you could enjoy loving and supportive relationships with no more drama?

  • Experiencing synchronicities leading to positive outcomes?

  • Imagine if things and people that used to "push your buttons" no longer irritated you! 
  • Understanding the bigger picture brings peace to your life and you can trust that all is well.

  • You can feel confident in decision making when you know who and how powerful you are.
  • With no blocks in your way, your creativity can flourish, inspiring you to do things that excite you. 
  • Experiencing positive and loving thoughts is natural when you are in alignment with your soul. 

  • Strong intuition & understanding your life purpose, feeling on top of the game is now at your fingertips.

  • How about a  dream job offer or a whole new exciting career path or meeting your soul mate?

For the last 3 years of me offering Soul realignment sessions full time, the above is a common feedback from my wonderful clients. I feel excitement before every client session. I just love uncovering fascinating key details of our soul history and witnessing how it transforms people's lives on so many levels.  


Let's look at what you can expect after booking

your Soul Realignment® session with me.

It is important that you set a clear intention about the changes you wish to experience in your life going forward. It makes you an active participant, aiding the process of your life transformation. 

Once you order your session, you’ll receive an email from me with my availability, some technical instructions for our video call, and I will ask you to send me some basic details from you including your intention.


Current waiting time is 2-3 weeks so do not delay your booking if you are genuinely interested. 

Your Soul Realignment call session with me will take approximately 2.5-3 hours. It will be packed with your unique soul details, practical guidance and healing. You will receive a copy of the call recording after we finish so that you can go over the vast amount of information a few times to fully integrate the experience and shift for the better.

As I access your Akashic Records, connect with your Spirit guides and your Oversoul (the aspect of you that guards records of your entire existence), my intention is to receive only information that is most appropriate for you at this time in order to improve your life. My main objective is to help you understand how you can use this information in a practical & empowering way to help you apply it in your day-to-day life. 

Are you ready to find out about your Soul's history,

how  your past decisions are still affecting you today, how to heal the past, 

take all your power back & transform your life for the better?


1) What your Soul's original energy blueprint is, what energetic qualities your Soul carries, your soul colors, and how you can apply the information to align fully with your true self. 

2) Which star system(s) your soul experienced before coming to Earth, which Soul group you are connected with (Your soul family) and your Soul Tribe characteristics that you can recognize in your own life. About 48% of souls on earth currently are "Earther souls", with no experience elsewhere. 

3) What stage of spiritual evolution you are at right now, signs of that stage in your daily life and what you can expect in the near future in terms of your spiritual growth.

4) Your most dominant current  spirit guides, what exactly are they helping you with and what message they have for you. Also, how you can work closely with them to create more of what you want.

5) If you have a past life connection with any of the Mystery schools or a certain period in human history that will be of benefit for you to know about and also, how many past lives you had on Earth in our linear sense.

6) State of your  Godspark connection. We remove any blocks which will strengthen your connection with your Soul Origin, with Divine Love & Light essence. This alone results in a greater feeling of self-love, support, and stability.

7) If there are any  negative energy attachments, implants, 'earthbound' spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, negative thought forms or anger spears  affecting your well-being.  Clearing these will bring you so much more energy, balance, and more positive thoughts and feelings. (this is a first thing I look for when I start your Soul Realignment process to ensure that nothing is in the way of Truth) With the higher understanding of why those attachments occurred and a permission given from your Oversoul to remove them, you will be in a position to truly re-evaluate your behavior and realize that you were acting out for reasons beyond your own. It is such a blessing to experience this change, see everything clearer and start accessing your positive inner resources that were suppressed for a long time.

8) Information about any soul contracts, vows, pacts, binding agreements, spells, curses, a perception of karma, compassionate connections, Soul fragments issues, memory issues, if any. Clearing them feels like a huge weight has been lifted off. Feeling freedom to be yourself and aligned with your Divine Soul aspect.

9) Tears and/or scars on your soul's layers' web that are affecting your current life. Past life stories are revealed here. This will bring many important answers & healing to you as I help you reach higher understanding of your past decisions. 

10) State of your chakras, correction of energy flow throughout and further recommendations from your guides about what you needs to change, to prevent your chakras from getting blocked again.   

11) Checking if left & right brain hemispheres are in harmony and if not, we work on this. It improves your meditation, strengthens intuition & connection to your higher aspects and guides. 

12) A parting message from your Team, with focus on your specific life purpose going forward, with practical guidance to help you align with your highest good and potential. 


There are THREE very important components aiding your successful Soul Realignment process:

1) During our call, I will gently guide you through a unique healing experience based on what we discovered. You will safely experience the heavy energy lifting from your body, mind & soul. This happens on many levels, we clear layer after layer. It's quite amazing to witness my clients saying that they actually feel it occurring

We are keeping your soul's learning from traumatic experiences in your soul records, but we release dense energy that no longer serves you.  With your higher understanding of your Soul's history and purpose of your life, we then focus on rebalancing any conflicting instincts that may have been over active for years due to unresolved trauma. You experience effective trauma completion process where a natural state of peace and neutrality is restored and your identity expansion can take place. It is exceptional experience. 

2) Your daily reading out loud of your homework (for at least 21-40 days), this is you making a definite energetic statement to yourself and to the Universe requesting and confirming that you are ready and willingly choosing to fully align with your best version of self. This also ensures that your conscious mind stays on track with your intention long term. 

3) You taking full responsibility for your future and growth by making new conscious choices in your day to day actions that are aligned with your Soul's Divine aspect. Your clear understanding of how your past choices affected and limited your well being in the past will make your new choices feel natural and easy after our call.

It is expected of you to be an active participant in your own healing process. I hope you will gladly invest 5 minutes a day on your home-work after your call with me to ensure lasting positive results. You don't want the session to be wasted by ignoring your own part in the process.  Let's do this together! 



Currency exchange calculator 

 €90 deposit is requested at the time of confirming your session date.

The remaining €200 is required 3 days prior to your session.

Current waiting time is 3 weeks so do not delay your booking if you are genuinely interested. 

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider Galactic Astrology Reading instead.



I am very passionate about empowering everyone working with me so you will receive additional tools and resources that will help you maintain your energy field intact and to support your continuously increasing vibration and spiritual evolution. These are free gifts that you will receive after our Soul Realignment call.



What are the Akashic Records?

Think of the Akashic Records as an energetic database that contains the entire history of our Soul, all the way back to its origination.  

5th dimensional in nature so they are not bound by time and space laws of 3-dimensional reality. I access the Akasha in a meditative state using a technique taught by Andrea Hess along with my intuitive gifts and other techniques I studied in the past.


How will I know if I received accurate information?

It will resonate and make sense to you. It will feel as if the missing puzzle pieces just fell into the right place allowing you to see your whole life picture clearly. You will feel excited and uplifted during and after our call. Many interesting changes & synchronicities occur within 21 days from our session such as pain dissipating, relationships improving, or ending, or meeting a soul-mate, a new job offer, better house move etc. On rare occasions, some clients feel down for a couple of days, with flu-like symptoms, tired or a headache, feeling of grief (it's the saying goodbye to the old self, old reality before the new takes over process) before they feel much better. I strongly suggest to take it easy over the few weeks after the session allowing the energy recalibrating to take place. 


What details are required to access my records?

Your date & time of birth, the city where you were born, your full name at present and at birth if different, your current photo with face   and eyes visible (no other people in the photo) 


Can I book Soul Realignment for my family members?

Yes, with their permission and they have to be on the call with me. The greatest transformations I have witnessed where when I did Soul Realignment for the whole immediate family. Each member will have to book a separate session on a different day. I can only take one client per day, one Soul Realignment session takes up 7 hours of my time as it involves a very comprehensive service and dedication to achieve best possible results.  If you book 2+ sessions, the price per session will be reduced to €290 (incl. 25% VAT and PP fees)

Soul Realignment for children or family member in intensive medical care.

As a parent responsible for your child, you can book Soul Realignment for your child and you will be asked to do the homework on behalf of your child if they are too young to understand the process. The same applies to your family member you may be caring for if they are unable to communicate. 



If you wholeheartedly and consistently implement what we discussed in our session, yet you experience no improvements what'soever and do not manifest more of what you want within 90 days, I’ll refund your money. Of course, if you do nothing and ignore the information and advice offered, you can not expect life changing results from our work. The healing you received and any improvements you may experience after our call will be short-lived without an effort from your side. Your non-implementation is not a valid reason for a refund.



Please note that I am not one of those practitioners that will be talking you into getting a session with me. The only real proof of anything is what YOU feel in your heart and soul. If you feel drawn to this session, then your Higher Self/Guides/Universe are drawing you to me in order to HELP YOU. So please be OPEN and follow the call. But if you have a strong hesitation, doubt, resistance etc. please look elsewhere for help. 



I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions and do not consult or advise about such conditions. Equally, Soul Realignment session does not constitute as a medical advice. It is sole responsibility of each individual to seek medical professional care and advice for any medical conditions. 




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