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Are you letting your Intuition to guide you?

Something is happening and you think to yourself, “I had a feeling this would happen!”

Or, from the moment you met someone new, the vibe feels off and sooner than later you find out that they can't be trusted.

Or, for no logical reason, you decide to take a different route than usual and to your surprise you meet someone special or experience something extraordinary. Sound familiar, right?

We all have experiences like that. We call this phenomenon INTUITION.

What is it? Where is this information coming from? There is undeniably a part of us that ”just knows”.

Wouldn't it be fascinating to speak to this part of us directly? Like a conversation, a dialog ~ asking questions, getting answers. There are so many things we would all like to ask this wise part of us. About our relationships, physical issues, or maybe about career choices, decision making and so much more!

For the last three years this is what I do in my office. People bring their list of questions and we connect to this wise part of their mind in order to find the answers.

Intriguing? Yes, it is!

Trust Your Intuition

I am a Level 2 Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), developed by Dolores Cannon, I am helping my clients to connect to their Higher Self for relevant information and healing.

How is it done?

I remember the first time I stepped into the hypnotherapy office as a client myself 4 years ago. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was so nervous! I thought, the hypnotherapist will take control over my mind and I would not be able to control myself, or that it will not be possible to hypnotise me! However, my curiosity and yearning to heal my past trauma was stronger then my fears. I am so grateful I decided to have a QHHT session back then. It was an incredible experience that helped me tremendously and started this fascinating journey.

I realized then, that hypnosis is a natural state of the mind. It felt very similar to those 5-10 minutes after we wake up from a dream in the morning or middle of the night. You can hear and feel everything from the dream very clearly, yet you are fully present where you are..

One more example comes to mind – imagine yourself in a movie theatre watching an emotional part of the film, feeling like you are being there in the scene, ignoring the noises and other people around you. Of course, you know you are in cinema aware of people around you, but at the same time you are very involved with what you see on the screen. This is exactly how I felt during my hypnosis session. I realised that we are multidimensional beings. I was fully aware of me lying under the cozy blanket, listening to the therapist and at the same time vividly experiencing scenes from my past lifetimes and describing them to the hypnotherapist.

QHHT sessions take 4 to 5 hours, but the time runs very quickly for both, me and my clients.

With every client's session I remember with appreciation and gratitude the founder of this miraculous hypnosis technique —Dolores Cannon, who created QHHT the way it is practiced now. She also founded Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy that teaches her method. I am also grateful to Julia Cannon, Dolores’s daughter, who is leading and teaching the QHHT method now, after her mother passed.

Julia Cannon, Suzanne Spooner, Julia Balaz
How was this technique discovered?

(from Julia’s Cannon interview to Brandon Beachum for

In the 1960s, Dolores’s husband was using hypnotherapy to help people with habits and stress. Dolores was assisting him in those sessions by taking notes and recording.

It was in 1968 that they started to work with a woman who struggled with nervous eating and some other related health issues. This woman asked her doctor if she could do hypnosis and the doctor said that hypnosis wouldn’t harm.

This woman appeared to be somnambulistic, which is quite rare. It means that the client hardly remembers what she sees in the state of hypnosis and her conscious mind doesn’t interfere with the information that is coming through during the hypnosis session.

This woman was curios about past lives, and asked if it would be possible to find something about it. In her multiple regressions, it was like a Pandora’s Box open! The Cannons worked for months and got 5 different lives in different cultures and times, described from the first person perspective! Details of this experience can be found in the book called Five Lives Remembered written by Dolores Cannon.

Later on in life, after Dolores’ husband's passing, Dolores herself started to explore new techniques, experimenting, practicing and becoming a master. As a hypnotherapist, she was invited to work with the research about ET abductees. Dolores was regressing her clients in front of the researchers. When she took a person under, oftentimes the beings that the client was seeing, would start speaking directly through that person. They were asking “What do you want to know?” Dolores was very curious and asked a lot of questions.

ETs were escalating her higher and higher according to the complexity of the information she was inquiring.

Then Dolores realized that she was not talking to ETs any more. Now, she was talking to the all-knowing Higher Self that could do healing as well!

After some time Dolores understood that she didn’t have to go through ETs to reach that wise part. Instead, she could call Higher Self in right away during her clients' hypnosis sessions. She called this part of our mind “the Subconscious”. They say they don’t mind how she calls them, that they would work with Dolores anyways. This is how the QHHT technique was discovered.

Experiencing a QHHT Session with Julia.

QHHT is a pleasant and fascinating experience for the client and each session is unique. You can rest assured that you will only experience what you are ready for and what is the most appropriate for your current situation to me improved. To read a more detailed description of what to expect of the actual session with me, please click on the following link:

I would be happy to answer your questions about the technique and facilitate your QHHT experience. My office is located in the beautiful Aughrim, County Wicklow, Ireland and overnight stays are available for clients travelling from afar.

Book your QHHT Session

Credit: Alexandra Sasha Tarakanov @ www.

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