Lou Lou, Dublin


"I would highly recommend this experience with Julia. After many years of study and personal experience with different types of therapies, the QHHT session I recently had with Julia was one of the most transformational. It allows you to access an energy that is deeply healing and most of all connects you with your true self and purpose. My session with Julia has really helped me trust myself more especially with my work. I feel so sure of my purpose now and so connected to my intuition. Julia is an excellent therapist, so kind and welcoming and very skilled in what she does. I am very grateful to have had this experience and am looking forward to booking another session with Julia at some stage."

"At the agreed session time I became aware of a sort of presence & stillness. I found everything suddenly slowed right down & I felt a deep sense of stillness & peace permeate my body & mind. I was then able to focus on my breath & the sensations I was experiencing - which was warmth/coolness & tingling. Some sensation of colors behind my closed eyes -  Lapis blue & some green. I felt most of the sensations in my arms and legs. I was experiencing deep peace & it was like entering a deep state of meditation. 

Days following the session, I felt a real sense of excitement/joy & feelings I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. On a physical level, I was able to let go of a lot of belongings that had been sitting in my shed waiting to go to the charity shop for many months, and it felt amazing! Also, after many months of searching for a new home with several setbacks and obstacles, that evening I saw somewhere online that I immediately felt a connection to, & now I’m in the process of purchasing it! It’s like a huge shift occurred and release!  So all In all in was a pretty incredible response. Then, after these initial feelings etc I felt like I was coming down with something just very mildly & needed to rest. So It seems like a typical healing response. That was my first distance healing session & I’d only had two full reiki sessions in person in the past. Never experienced anything like this time though! I will be booking another distance healing session soon.  Sending much love and light your way too."

Emily, London

Distance Reiki Healing

Donna, Boston, Massachusetts


"Julia is a healer of healers, truly amazing the amount of information she was able to access from the akashic records, I'm still in awe of all of this! I have 6 pages of notes,.plus a recording,. amazing how many things we recreate from past lives,. sooo grateful to have all this knowledge and have all these issues cleared & healed,.I Highly recommend Julia's services,.I have had other akashic work done in the past and can't even compare that with the level and quality of service Julia provides, priceless!!"

As I am digesting my QHHT session with Julia, I am trying to find the right words to describe how incredible the whole experience was. Every second of it. I found Julia exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. I couldn't sleep the night before due to being so nervous in anticipation of what's coming, but Julia's super easy going, authentic, and positive attitude put me at ease instantly. I have in past attended different therapies, workshops & seminars with minor improvements. But the way Julia was conducting the interview impressed me the most. She helped me see where my lifelong struggles were coming from. I had so many AHA moments even before the actual hypnosis! :) The hypnosis then took me WAY back, to the start of my soul's journey here on earth, 2 completely different past lives that had a direct impact on my current life. I even recognized my key people in this life from the past and got a much better understanding of the dynamics. I feel much more love to my closest people around me. Everything makes so much sense to me now. Connecting ALL the dots, enabled me to finally let go of the old coping mechanisms, it was an astonishing experience. I also felt tingling and different vibration sensations in my body during the hypnosis. The letting go of many old stuck energies felt amazing. That big hole, the lonely emptiness that my soul endured for lifetimes is now finally filled with light and I feel whole, I feel worthy, truly happy and ready to become the best version of myself. Ready to open my heart to this world and share the love, the light I am. This experience was priceless to me. I wish everyone could get a QHHT session. This world would be a very different place. Thank you, Julia, from the bottom of my soul.

Liz B. Co Waterford


Chaz, California


"I reached out to Julia in May 2017 only because I sought clarification on my soul history and origins. It's not convenient for me to do a past life regression in person, so I opted for a "Soul Realignment", which could be performed through email communications. I was unprepared for how thorough, how comprehensive Julia's perspective would be. Without going into personal details, she explained not only that I am a "First-Waver" starseed, but that my children are as well. Not only that we are starseeds, but which star systems we can claim as our celestial "homes" and what the dynamics are of each of these. But wait! There's MORE! She further examined pivotal periods in my life and how I was affected energetically (and physically, AND emotionally) by events during these periods. The dynamics of these events matched almost perfectly. And STILL there is more! In combination with her clearing work, I have been assigned "homework" to help remove the blocks restricting the flow of my divine energy. This has been a rewarding, exciting experience for me, which I would easily repeat. Highly recommended. Thank you Julia!"

"After an intense period of several months where I was participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies I understood that this path was no longer meant for me. I continued my journey simply living day to day live learning more about myself and integrating lessons I received. Yet, I felt something was missing. Over the time I came across Dolores Cannon and information coming from her resonated with me so much. Yet, I did not do anything about this at the time. Continuing my search for life purpose, for answers to questions bothering me - who am I, where am I going, what do I need to do I have been through times when I really felt lost and entrapped in thoughts circles that were not serving me.

One day I woke up with a thought of Dolores Cannon. I went back to her videos and watched them all again. This time I felt an urge to get closer to her work and to try QHHT as I felt this will help me to get what I was craving for, what I was missing after Ayahuasca experience – connection to divine source, guidance, a connection to my higher self.

I found Julia through Dolores' website. I gave her a call and after the first conversation we had I already felt a relief - I talked to someone who heard me and resonated with everything I was saying.

Working with Julia helped me identify the blockages I had and where were they coming from. Through QHHT I connected with my higher self and got a guidance I was looking for. Time spent with Julia was of great value and I am grateful for meeting this beautiful soul."

Bartosz, Dublin


Anaya Meer, Washington DC

Soul Realignment

"Sought Julia’s help after a QHTT session.  Julia revealed some things to me about my Soul origins.  The healing took 21 days after the session. It came in waves over this  period of time.  I was very intentional about it.  I did not just want a passive Soul reading.  I wanted lasting change.  I intended to stabilize myself in this fully healed higher energetic plane.  After 5 years of sadness I stopped thinking only of my painful past.  I started having new thoughts of a new future.  Positive visualization happened in an unforced way.  I stopped trying to fix my past.  And started releasing it by focussing on creating a happy future.  I listened to Julia’s voice (via the recording) twice a day for 21 days.  Every time I picked up a new insight.  There is a great deal of comfort and truth in Julia’s voice.  Her truth-bumps are very affirming.

The 21 day Prayer homework was critical.  I customized the 21 day Prayer that Julia had assigned me. The discipline of reading the Prayer incorporating my own words every night before I went to sleep was powerful.  It unearthed old memories that I had (unknowingly) repressed. They surfaced in my dreams.   People I needed to forgive came up in my dreams.  People I needed to resolve issues with came up in my dreams.

Until the reading I was frozen in my body.  I restarted doing yoga and strong backbends to open my heart chakra and sacral chakra.  I kept thinking of Divine Self-Expression while doing yoga now.  This helped me release painful memories stored in my body.  I was able to  look thru every single relationship that had soured in my life.  With my bosses, co-workers, family members and lovers.

Julia does not abandon you after the reading.  She is keen on getting feedback as this enables her to fine-tune her craft and for the client to feel supported. "

Marie Brennan, Westport


"Soul Realignment session with Julia helped me understand the root cause of very negative relationships with my family and my very frustrating indecisiveness. What Julia said about my past lives with certain family members hit the nail on the head. The message definitely resonated with me and I am now able to stay above the drama. Instead, I focus on clearing & transforming the very low energy in the family. It's great to know what my life purpose is and I feel empowered to make decisions like never before. Also, the heavy weight of guilt and shame that I was battling with was lifted. I have a fairly positive outlook on my future which is a huge contrast to where I was at prior to the session. Maybe it's just my imagination but I seem to be meeting nicer people when I'm out and about. I am very grateful to Julia for her help, understanding, patience,

non-judgement, energy and wisdom. You are up for a treat if you connect with her. "

Deirdre McG., South Co Wicklow

QHHT - Amazing Experience

Dearest Julia,​

Once again, thank you for such an amazing experience. You are truly gifted and skilled in the art of Hypnosis and using NLP. It was a marathon session and you have a huge heart full of love for mankind. This experience has set me off on a new and exciting path as I have decided to study Hypnotherapy to add yet another skill to my little healing toolbox!

Wishing you all the best and a very Happy Easter with your family. Have a great and well deserved holiday!

Lynn Manning, Aughrim


"I was about to cancel my Reiki session due to a flu, my entire body ached that day and I felt energetically drained. Marek explained that my body started the healing process already and he assured me that Reiki will be beneficial. Half way through the session, I had undeniable  feeling of being fully re-charged again, energetically. I literally went from feeling like a flat tire to a fully blown hot air balloon LOL I couldn't believe the difference! The next day, I didn't need any medication for the flu, I felt 90% better. Loved it! I can not recommend Marek high enough as a Reiki healer. 

Colm Murray, Gorey


​"As a parent who just found out that my child is officially autistic, I found a great comfort in hearing a loving message from my Spirit guides about the situation. Everything Julia revealed during the call helped me with finding peace and understanding of the much bigger picture of what an important role autism plays in our evolution.  Julia told be about my son's soul's origin and his great qualities, that he is a first timer on earth, how much potential he has and how much my unconditional love, patience, and help are deeply appreciated and important. 

She was also able to identify issues from my very early childhood and shed light on two mysteries of my life. I was flabbergastered when she brought it up and cleared it up for me! I definitely feel an overall improvement in my mental and emotional well-being after my Soul Realignment session with Julia. "

Karl Rainer, Prague


"My daughter and her husband experienced many positive changes in their life after working with Julia so I decided to give this a try.

Julia told me details about my past that she couldn't have known, everything made so much sense. I now understand why certain events in my life happened and how my past lives issues played a role. Because my life didn't turn out the way I wanted, I got stuck in negativity. Julia helped me remember who I am at Soul level and why I am here. First time in my life I feel at peace! (I am 63) Even my long-term neck pain disappeared overnight! I don’t get angry as I used to, my relationship with family  & friends improved a lot, and deep pain after losing someone very close to me lost its intensity. Now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and my faith in goodness of Life is back and stronger than ever. I am so glad I didn't let my doubt stop me from experiencing this. Julia is very  knowledgeable, 

compassionate and her tactful positivity is refreshing. "

Colin Kavanagh, Wexford


​"An intriguing and liberating experience. I went there expecting to have to suspend disbelief as you do when watching a movie that is based on fantasy. But Julia brought me very quickly to the point where my voice instantly lowered an octave and my higher-self began speaking to me about me, referring to me as "he".  Odd as that might sound, it all happens completely naturally and seems to make logical sense at the time. Julia guided me carefully through a list of questions I had allowed myself a couple of days to mull over before the session and transported me seamlessly through the most unexpected images of one past life after another. The experience really sinks in in the two or three days after the session as a sense of other-worldliness seeps into your current consciousness and you can't help wondering how much more you can find out about yourself as you listen back to the recording of your session, which I personally found to be nothing short of illuminating. It's an experience that led to me seeing myself in a new way. Her methodology is soothingly gentle and her deceptively seductive Slovakian voice moves you into a state of conscious drifting where you intuitively understand that the home you now have is by no means the only home you have ever had.  My advice? Definitely give it a shot. Throw light on who you are, who you have been, and pick up tips from your very own self about who you might choose to be in the future."

Michael Norton, Northern California


"Julia Balaz has been a Godsend/Gift from Source when I needed it most.  Julia did a Soul Realignment® session for me and it was amazing. Of everything she told me during the session only one thing did not ring true right away. Later I did put together exactly how this past family curse was playing itself out within the family and my life. Everything else rang true 100% from the moment she shared it. There were also numerous confirming experiences throughout our  session together. I even saw a rainbow shimmering (Angelic?) Being about the 

size and shape of a young girl (8-12 years old) as it walked/moved towards Julia and then disappeared. 

   It turns out I was never Bipolar and I never needed to be put on medication. The only real issue I truly had, was a Spiritual one. Finally, after 23 years of seeking and searching for answers or a way out of my suffering... I know who and what I truly am and what I am truly here on Planet Earth to do and be. What a massive blessing and cure for my entire life because now I know what my priorities are. I did go through about a month of "Bipolar-ish" ups and downs as I struggled to accept the Truth. But this was simply a transition that 

needed to take place and the thing that helped the most was going back and listening to my Soul Realignment® session with Julia. I would go to a small grove of Redwood trees far from town and connect to various Angels and then listen to the recording of our SR® session together. Every time I listened to 

the session even if only for 30 or 40 minutes... I would walk away feeling more grounded and solid in my knowing my true Soul Nature/Origin and like the information went deeper and there was more acceptance and more faith. Julia did such a brilliant job of sharing this profound Soul Origin information in a way that was purrrrrfectly loving, supportive, encouraging and self-empowering. I have stayed in touch with her and she has remained steadfast in her unwavering support, confidence and faith in me and my ability to take the many Truths about my Soul Nature and to spread my wings more and more and eventually fly and then soar. I look 

forward to building a lasting friendship with Julia and coming back to her for support and guidance as often as needed until it's finally time for me to soar on my own. 

   Is Julia Balaz right for you? How do you feel when you engage with one of her YouTube videos? If you resonate powerfully with her energy/vibration then that would indicate a big Yes! Even if you do not resonate with Julia as much as I do she is working with two of the most powerful healing modalities available on the Planet. Julia is a true Professional who is fully committed in heart, mind and soul to helping her clients discover their Soul's Purpose and then take Flight and Soar in Life! "

Sharon H., Rathnew


"I met Julia and Marek and my experience with them was enlightening and life changing, I would highly recommend them both ..Marek for Reiki and the quantum healing hypnosis experience was truly amazing by Julia. In our society, we have so many people in need of support and this couple is so passionate about helping others. Thank you both for your guidance and time. I really enjoyed I am blessed to have met you..."

Jeremy Challen, Vienna


​"The accuracy of information Julia revealed about my past during my Soul Realignment was impressive. She managed to identify and remove several negative attachments which significantly affected my well-being for years. From day one I felt like a new person, even my stomach issues disappeared after over 15 years! Anger flares & my constant worries are gone too and I have a new, positive  outlook on my future and much calmer approach in general. I am still in awe with the effect this had on me. Julia made me feel at ease with her carrying and professional approach, she patiently answered all of my questions. I can not thank her enough for the gift of helping me to become a happy man. "

Nele Verniers, Belgium


"I'm going to try and describe what happened since I got back from Ireland. Ever since the QHHT hypnosis with Julia, I hear and feel in a different way. My ears are fine tuned to all natural sounds like birds and also on classical music... I now feel the music, it's difficult to describe but I feel the rhythm and also the intentions and emotions that are put in it.

When I came back to Belgium I was really restless... A session with Julia gave me the most important insight, the heavy burden I apparently was struggling with for a few lives. Putting myself in the second place and doing everything other people wanted me to do... and let them walk over me was the result. It was a very old pattern and because of the hypnosis I now really saw how I permitted that...just for a hope to be recognized or loved... which of course was not the case. I got these flashbacks from different situations from this life showing me how long and in how many ways I let people walk over me and as a result lost myself in doubt and fear of not being loved...

The QHHT was an eye opener and such a beautiful gift... I'm so grateful, although it was hard seeing what I permitted people to do in so many ways.  I saw what really happened in all these years and how I let people push me into situations I wasn't happy with but I didn't speak up or stand up for myself. 

I gathered all my wisdom and strength and started taking action confirming that I want to live MY and not a life that somebody else expects and tells me to do! My heart rate went up when I decided all this because I was about to break with a very very old habit but my higher-self made me do so... the time was right to breakthrough it as it was said during the hypnosis.

Now I couldn't care less about what people who made me feel trapped think about me. I have such a feeling of confidence, I can't describe it. Everybody is entitled to live their own life... and just live and enjoy... I'm deleting the word 'must' in my dictionary!

I can't thank Julia enough for guiding me through this life changing experience!"

Jack Martin, Wexford


​"Julia facilitated a QHHT session for me back in October. It was a life-changing experience for the better, much better. Julia held space for me in a way that made me feel safe from start to finish. I knew by her compassionate listening and intelligent questions, during the interview, that this was going to be a rich adventure. It was! I was taken into two vastly different past lives where I saw and felt with such clarity. Both these lives held answers directly related to the questions I was needing answers to, and to the healing I was after. Julia guided me seamlessly wherever I was impressed to go, bringing forth more and more information. Some amazing revelations came through from my Higher Self and the sensations I felt moving throughout my body during the healing scan were incredible. The whole session was magical. I have listened to the recording 4 times since, and I am still feeling positive shifts and ongoing benefits. "

Triona Sheeran, Greystones


​"I had a session with Julia recently and from start to finish, it was a lovely experience, an expert in her field . I found Julia was deeply passionate and experienced at quantum healing. Having experienced QHHT before I could really appreciate the excellent standards and training Julia had throughout the session. Beautiful room nestled in a magical environment . I highly recommend a QHHT session with Julia. "

Hazel Kanes, Portmanock


​"I met Julia at our QHHT course and I instantly felt a connection to her. She has a wonderful energy and is a very experienced practitioner. We arranged to do a session very soon after this in her wonderful home in Wicklow . She is a gifted intuitive healer and her hypnosis skills were excellent .She guided me effortlessly through a wonderful past life and then I got so many of my personal questions answered by my higherself. It was an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it and will definitely be back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart- I listen to my recording twice a week and I hear something new . 
Love n light to you and your family." 
Hazel xx 

John W., Balinteer


"I went to see Marek, largely for very severe pains in my hip and various other ills. I had been to Reiki many years ago and was very uncertain when I gave it another shot. But this guy, quite rightly, spent a lot of time explaining what he was about to do. Glass of water available at all times, he reminded me that various toxins might want to leave my body and I might experience a headache later that day. I did, and it's not nice. But over the next three-four days, I began to notice a gentle,  subtle healing that seeped through my body and my consciousness and suddenly I found myself saying "I feel so well that I didn't even realise that pain had disappeared". It's weird because you don't expect it work, and then you are better. This guy is good".

Jaqi Mudge, Virginia


"I was completely amazed at what transpired in my QHHT session with Julia! 


I came to Julia with many and varied questions about things going on in my life and my health. Thanks to Julia’s intuitive and thorough questioning, I received answers on all of them.


The difficulty troubling me most was in my long term relationship. Even though my partner constantly expressed his undying love for me, there had often been a nasty edginess in his behavior towards me. This was very confusing, and neither of us understood or wanted it. This ‘edge’ seemed to pop up almost every time things were going really well between us – a real “spanner in the works.”


The SC took me back to a life as a medieval soldier. I came out into very thick fog on a cold French battleground just as the fighting was winding up. I could see, feel, and describe my armor in a great detail. I felt like an armadillo as the metal plates slid noisily over each other, at my joints, as I moved. I felt much more agile wearing this design than the heavier, stiff, clunky ones I’d worn in countless other battles over the years. There I was with my right “sword’ arm in such pain from too much action and injury, standing over a man I had just mortally wounded. He was in great pain and I knew I should finish him off quickly as I would normally do. I felt a surge of rage at having to ‘war’ for so many years, for being made to take so many lives. I was soooo battle weary. In that split second of choice, I deliberately walked away from him and let him suffer.  It was like I took it all out on him. I looked at his face and saw my current partner, then it all made sense.


He was angry with me for the great suffering I had made him go through in that lifetime. Julia very sensitively guided me, through all the tears I was shedding, to ceremonies of great healing between our two hearts, and for my arm. He received healing too!


The very next day while site seeing at a nearby castle I came across a full set of armor exactly like the one I’d worn during the life in the session. What confirmation!


I am pleased to report that the vibe between my partner and I is now more playful, easy and loving. The pain in my arm is gone. And this was only one aspect of this incredibly deep, rich session.


Julia was so in touch with where I was, and what I needed, every step of the way. She made me feel safe and comfortable to open up during the interview and this allowed me to follow her soft gentle voice into a trance so deep that I could access all the answers and healing I was seeking. I am highly recommending anyone who is seeking answers and healing to go see Julia for a wonderful, life enhancing QHHT session. Bless you, dear Julia!"

Sarah B., Annacurra


"I was nervous about the Reiki as I had no idea what to expect. My mom suggested it to me as I was getting very stressed due to my upcoming exams. Marek was really nice and explained to me how Reiki works and that all I had to do was to relax and allow the energy to work its magic. I have really enjoyed the Reiki healing and most of all how calm I was for many days after. My mom couldn't believe the change in me when I came home. I coped with the exams really well and I passed them with ease. I will definitely come back when I will be stressed again in future. "

Diane Petterson, Kildare


"Julia did two sessions for me and they were absolutely amazing. I'm still processing the sessions in my mind. I'll share it in more detail at a later stage. But we are very lucky to have Julia here in Ireland. Full of wisdom, loving care for the client and skill."

Ronnie Turner, Foxrock


"My first session with Julia was a rocky road. I went back to a past life where I was being killed by English redcoats, on a road I recognized well from my childhood in Wicklow.

A cousin of mine I told about it ( a very level headed man ) told me he saw a ghost coach at the same spot when he was 17, and after being originally ridiculed, never spoke of it again, until I mentioned it and described the spot.

In the session, I traveled through what seemed like a stormy dream, experiencing the  grief and pain of atrocities against our people by the soldiers and militia, apparently in the 1798 Rebellion. Was it an analogy for the pains of my own personal journey through life? Who knows.  Also there was a re-living of some unpleasant events in my youth in this life. Then, all that was lifted from me by the end of the session, by Julia's calm, skillful and compassionate participation. I felt a great weight of painful emotion was permanently removed from my heart.

In a second session, much less painful than the first, I experienced even more healing of a number of issues, personal and family. I experienced subtle changes for the better in myself in ways hard to describe.

I even did a third session, again very beneficial.

Julia is a lovely soul, compassionate, professional and very skilled. I would heartily recommend the treatment."

Mary Whelan, Loughlingstown


​"It was so lovely to meet you yesterday Marek, your energy is beautiful and many thanks for helping me to heal. :-) xxxx"

Wendy Johnston,Delgany


"My experience with QHHT is that it helped me to look at my life from a new perspective. I no longer feel stuck and like a victim of my circumstances. Meeting Julia has empowered me to focus ahead and stop dwelling in the past which was my main issue. I struggled to find a job for months but strangely, the next day after the session I did get a phone call with a job offer which I accepted and now I really enjoy what I do! During the hypnosis, I observed myself in 3 different lifetimes, one after another and in one of them I seem to have lived the perfect life and I was very happy. When my higher-self started speaking (through me) I felt how much I am loved and how much wisdom there is in me and that I have all the support I need, I just stopped paying attention to the signs so I got stuck. I definitely feel more connected, more intuitive now and I have this deep knowing that there is so much more to life than what we perceive with our 3D senses. I highly recommend this to anyone feeling stuck or lost in life."

Alyson Borr, Austria


"I was a perfectionist, always too hard on myself, whatever I achieved, I was never satisfied, stressed, exhausted and I had constant fights with my husband and my daughter.  I was spiraling down. Without telling Julia all this before her reading, she revealed unresolved past life issues with my father which were affecting me and my daughter's negative karmic connection with me, also a curse of poverty my son carried over from past life. We realised we struggled financially since he was born. Property reading revealed that our house is on a bottle field which we later validated in the local library. After we cleared  all of these issues with Julia our life turned around significantly.

I am still in disbelief how much more relaxed I am, the need to keep pushing for more is gone completely! My daughter's behaviour improved and we don't fight any more as we used to. The tension in the family is just  gone.  Month after the Soul Realignment my husband got promoted + an offer to relocate to a dream destination with all expenses paid. We are super excited about the future. I feel a great relief and I don't want to think about were we would be if I didn't contact Julia.  "

Laura Maxwell, Wicklow 


"I was blown away by the beautiful surroundings, the house and warm welcome of both Marek and Julia. I am quite good at reading people's energy and they are just such heart-warming people who see the best in you and genuinely happy to help. We chatted for a while before my session and I felt like I knew them forever. One of those instant connections moments. Anyway, I read few books by Dolores Cannon and I was very curious to see what I would experience. I knew from watching the videos that it's best to drop all expectations and just go with the flow. The past lives part was like a day-dreaming and I was so happy to recognize my husband as the man I loved. It was quite a story, I lost him due to war, I cried during the session and Julia has gently lead me through it. It felt like I lost a ton of weight afterward. The learning I got from it  was that I don't have to worry about our relationship at all, that our love is stronger than death and that we are meant to be together and very happy in this life. I no longer have fear of losing him, I stopped being a control freak with him and our relationship is better than ever before. Can't recommend this high enough. I look forward to going back for a Reiki session with Marek this time. Can't wait to be in their house, it's packed with spiritual energy. "

Karen Dwyer, Wicklow 


“What an amazing experience. The emotional healing and insight into myself has given me clarity and enriched my entire life. Thank you with all my heart”

Carmel Lannigan, Dublin 


 "Dear Julia,

Thanks for the audio session I've relistened to it today & found it very profound & soulful. I was tired after the session, so had a bath & early sleep so feel good today. So thanks again for a very deep healing session

Wishing u and ur family a peaceful Christmas & looking forward to our outings to sacred sites in 2017.

Carmel "

Barry H., Aughrim


​"I suffered migraines for years, tried all kinds of things but this was my first reiki experience. I couldn't believe the lights I saw. First, it was white light, then deep blue, and green. At one stage I felt like I need sunglasses which was so strange because my eyes were closed. I definitely felt like something huge was going on energetically in my head. Hard to explain the sensation but the heat coming off  of Mark's hands was unreal. I did sleep like a baby that night and I felt really well the next few days.  I went back for another session 2 weeks later and again the lights were there. I didn't have a migraine yet, it's only a month but I think I will go for another Reiki session soon. I really enjoyed the experience. I have intense work as an accountant and I feel this is a good way to balance my body. I don't do meditation or anything like that so this is much needed. Highly recommend Mark as Reiki practitioner. Very nice guy.  "

Kali M., Newtown


​"Hello Spirit Junkies!  I am so thankful and grateful for all your support and kindness... It's so wonderful to have real people like you both to relate and connect with... May the higher beings of love and joy surround you with blessings that the heart desires. You both rock!!"

Becky, USA

Soul Realignment

My dearest Julia,

I would like to share that great things are continuing to happen in my life! This has been the most transformative time in my life since the Soul Realignment session with you. It opened me up to blessings so much.  I have been able to work through many more smaller blocks since with such ease. Thanks to you I was able to let go of one of the most dense energy I had been feeling for a very long time. I am just so grateful sis. I have been giving gratitude to the universe daily! People and situations that no longer served me habe melted away! It's so amazing! I love you so much and am so grateful to be alive at such a time when healing is happening on deep levels. A year since our session, I feel in total alignment with my soul’s guidance. I am sending you my heart-felt loving gratitude. Sending many many many blessings and blissful moments to you and your family.




Hi Julia,

Thanks so much!!! It was so lovely to meet you too and I feel so energised and I’m definitely feeling the high vibes. I’m so glad I did and it all just makes sense even though it’s a bit mad 🤣
I’m going to take it easy tonight but will a proper listen to the recording tomorrow. So fascinating!!!  

I hope you have a nice rest of weekend. Lots of love & light to you and your family!

Best wishes 


1 month later: 

Things have been really good since our session.  The ball is now rolling on all my plans and it feels really good. Thank you again for a great season. 


7 months later:

Well my 2020 has got off to an amazing start I am now in abroad finalizing my new business contacts. People are showing up to help me and it’s just wonderful. I feel totally in alignment.

I feel so grateful for my healing session with you. Thank you for all you do.

Much love



Hi Julia,

Since our session 2 months ago, my intuition has gone much stronger. I started sensing people’s intentions and can tell much better when someone is genuine or not. I am much more confident in my ability to tell right from wrong and I am also more trusting that I am safe with my heart guiding me.


Thank you for the many tips you shared with me. I am applying your advice and feel so much better, more at peace than ever before.


Just wanted to say hello and a big thank you for your help. It’s good to know we have people like you in Ireland.



Dear Julia,

Thank you so much for the recording. It was such a great session. I have tried MANY different modalities to help with my weight but the MA session with you finally created the shift that I was always hoping for


Since our call, I have had some additional AHA moments and some old emotions and memories from childhood that I forgot about came up for clearing. It was amazing to feel these old stuck energies leave my body and realize how one thing connects to another.

My cravings changed too which is amazing, I am now craving my old vegetarian way of eating.

Thank you again for all your help. My session with you has been life changing in the best way possible way.


Dalkey, IE

Hi Julia,


Thank you so much for sending this so promptly. It gave me a chance to listen on New Years Day so it as the perfect start to the year. I really found it to be a life changing experience and I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and skill in helping me to access my inner wisdom. I am wondering about your next availability as my sister would like to do a session also?


Thanks so much,

Sinead, Arklow

My 8 year old daughter had a regular tummy ache for 6 months. We tried different diet but no luck. She was a little anxious about school. On friend's recommendation, we booked 2 distance Reiki sessions with Marek. 

Some improvement was noticed after the 1st session already. My daughter didn't know she was receiving energy healing while she was coloring with me, when she suddenly said 10 minutes into the session, "mummy, I feel funny in my belly, like butterflies",

and she smiled.

A month since the last session and she is much better. I was so happy to let Marek know that she didn't complain of a tummy ache for a few weeks now. Fingers crossed it will last. It is great to know about this very convenient therapy for our kids without dragging them to a therapist. Something I would never consider before.

Paige, Birmingham, UK

I went through a very traumatic divorce and my 2 girls started having bad dreams and getting anxious. I used Marek for distance Reiki before on few occasions and I always felt much better after. So I decided to book a healing session for my girls. They didn't know, I just played a relaxing music for them at the agreed time and they played very peacefully with their dolls. The next morning they woke up smiling, their cheeks pink, had big breakfast and they just seemed happy. We booked one more session for them in a month and I can definitely see an improvement in their overall well being. It gave me a peace of mind that somehow the heavy energy they may have absorbed from my ex and I, was cleared from these precious angels. I wholeheartedly recommend Marek to anyone going through a difficult time in life, especially children. 




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