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Ascension Process – Your Initiation Into Higher Consciousness

What Is Ascension/Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is a doorway into an expanded consciousness that leads to ongoing journey of realizing/knowing yourself as a spiritual being in the physical experience. It is a journey of you no longer identifying solely with the ego self, the identity you were programmed into by your environment, but instead start sensing, feeling, knowing yourself as a being of light and love that can access wisdom and power that goes beyond the limitations of the physical world around you.

It is about you becoming increasingly aware of the Divine Self in you, the non-physical aspect of you, and consciously merging it with the physical aspect of you, the Human Self. This leads to constant paradigm shifts that one can describe as a shift from 3rd dimensional/ time & space bound reality to realizing yourself and the life around you from the 5th dimensional/quantum/non-linear perspective.

Hand in hand with all that comes also the experience of the paradox, feeling of a much deeper connection with Nature & the Universe, and at the same time a feeling of disconnection from the world's everyday drama playing out in media.

In the awakening process, we start seeing and realizing the endless distractions and illusions of the physical world that were keeping us asleep/unconscious. As that is where the System wants us to be, hypnotized by the constant entertainment, not questioning anything. Accepting everything that the Elite decides and presents as the best for the people and this world.

The Spiritual Wake-Up Call Comes In Many Forms.

The most common is the "Dark Night of The Soul". An experience of some major life crisis. Something unexpected and profound enough to throw us out of the deep sleep. When we feel intensely challenged we are forced to think and act outside of what we knew as our norm.

With a prolonged period of frustration with life often comes the ever growing sense that something is missing… something is off, something BIG.

Or, while recovering from a crisis and reevaluating your life, you may begin to feel that, just maybe, the experience was a blessing in disguise. Leading you into something much greater that you would have missed otherwise.

The trigger point for the "Awakening" can also happen during a profound conversation, meeting someone who has awakened already, during a spiritual practice, reading a book, or a supernatural experience that can come in many forms.

And The Search Begins...

All these events can catapult us into a phase of intense research, learning, seeking, discovery and expansion of consciousness. We start questioning everything instead of blindly accepting what we are 'fed' by the media and the programmed society.

The awakening triggers an insatiable hunger for a deeper understanding of the reality we live in, We start sensing that there is this unseen power, something much greater and profound present within us and the world around us, We start witnessing underlying love & divine intelligence present in every moment, in every breath, in every flower, in every sunrise and sunset.

A Path Of No Return

Once you had a peak at the Truth behind everything, going back to the old way of being no longer cuts it. You start going through a profound process of upgrading of your entire 'operating system', the way your mind and body used to work. This also comes with crumbling of your old reality, you will stop resonating with some people the way you use to, you will stop being interested in the old activities and topics. This can be very challenging for you and your close ones, especially if they are not ready or interested in hearing about the 'nonsense', anything that is outside of the box they are use to live in. You learn in the process that you can not force the awakening on anyone who is not ready for it.

The Collective Awakening Process

More and more people are starting to see through the illusions of the physical and start seeing the old “matrix programs” of hierarchical society that has been weighing us down for centuries, dis-empowered and keeping us from the truth of how this reality really works. We are now called to quit the blame game and start taking responsibility for our own lives, we are becoming collectively ready to take all our power back,