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The below listed are three videos of edited recording from online group event that Julia Balaz hosted in early 2022.

Part I is the Introduction to the Concept of the Womb Healing. 


Part II is the actual guided healing session which should be experienced together with Part I and Part III.

Part III is the Group Feedback and Guidance to help you Integrate this healing session. Make sure to follow the instructions to ensure your well being and proper integration. 

You can watch Part I and Part III for free.             Part II pay for acces further below.


This is a powerful deep healing session which should be not taken lightly. Ideally, reserve several days after where you will not attend any social gatherings, no alcohol for at least 24 hours after this experience, etc. to ensure a smooth integration of healing and recalibration that can take place on many levels. 

When you purchase the Part II you can download the file and do the healing session as many times as you feel guided to over many years. Ideally, leave 40 days between each session. Each time you will have a slightly different experience with further layers (information and energy) coming up. Make sure to keep track of your progress by writing notes after each session. More instructions in Part I and Part III.

Each time you will go deeper, realize more important aspects of your past, present and future, and align stronger with your pure soul essence.

Let your heart guide you in this process.

Feel free to email Julia at with any questions or feedback.


To ensure your well being, it is strongly advised NOT TO do this guided healing session if you were born with the umbilical cord around your neck, or if you experienced a loss of a sibling in the womb, or your mother experienced other severe trauma while pregnant with you. In such cases it is very important to do the womb healing session in a presence of an experienced practitioner who can guide you safely through any difficulty that could arise. You can find such practitioners HERE.

By participating in this type of healing session, you take full responsibility for the outcome. 

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The Womb Healing
Watch Preview
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 "Julia’s womb healing meditation was extremely beneficial for me. It created a palpable movement in my thoughts, like a clearing that was just so ready to happen. The direction of visualization was beautiful and it really provided an empowering energy that I was able to feel into.  


I definitely recommend giving this healing meditation a try. I look forward to doing it again. Thank you Julia for this heart felt creation .”


With Love,

Sabrina Savoy


Inner Child Healing - Guided Healing Meditation
For Self Love & Support

In this guided meditation, you will be taken on a hot air balloon journey across time and space all the way to your childhood moment where healing is due. You don't have to relive the traumatic experience, you are called to connect with your inner child and share your love, support, and wisdom in order to heal and get better.

Powerful Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation - Fully Relax & Recharge Your Energy

With this guided meditation you will journey to a beautiful place in nature, full of life & magic. Allow the soothing river take you down the stream, all the way to a healing waterfall of liquid light energy that can clear old blocks in your body, rejuvenate your cells, activate crystalline DNA, and uplift your frequency, in support of your ascension.

Guided Meditation - Crystal Cave Journey - Ascension Codes Activation

With this guided meditation you will be taken through a dessert into a beautiful cave filled with crystals and rejuvenating waters. You will connect with ancient wise Guardians of Earth and receive downloads that are most appropriate for you at this time. Receive the ascension codes from Lemurian crystals hidden deep within the Earth for eons. 

Powerful Guided Meditation - Quantum Integration with an Ascended Master

For me, this experience took me to the holy cave in Qumran and the being of light that was in the cave was Jesus and Mary Magdalene as his female aspect. Intentionally, I didn't use his name in this guided inner journey so that you can choose your own deity, ascended master that you resonate with the most. The journey can help you consciously integrate your multidimensionality.


The first half is focused on your strong connection with divine healing Light Love Essence and the second half on current global situation healing and positive future timelines visualizations/affirmations. Ideally, we should dedicate few minutes everyday to visualize the Earth bathed in divine Love and Light to aid the collective healing and evolution towards more harmony and balance.

Soul Realignment Activation Affirmations - New Earth Alignment

Let go of old energies & limiting programming & open to Divine Codes & Higher Consciousness that are available to us now. The more we empty and clear the body & mind, the better we can receive & hold more Love and Light vibrations & experience positive changes in all areas of life. If you feel uplifted after listening, repeat daily until you feel you no longer the need to.

If you have benefited from the content on this page and are in a position to offer a financial gratitude in support of our work, any amount will be deeply appreciated. Our wish is to create more online content to continue supporting our collective healing and evolution. Thank you for your support.


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