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Feminine & Masculine Aspects (Shamanic Sound Healing Experience)

This time I would like to share my own healing experience as it relates to the feminine & masculine energy aspects.

I was gifted with a SHAMANIC SOUND HEALING session in Dublin last week. My intention was to understand why women feel the pain, anger, sadness and other well-known syndromes once a month known as PMS. I was getting a feeling lately that it is a "knocking" of something ancient that my soul wishes to heal & release.

The practitioner was a gentleman whom I just met few moments before the session started. He was doing his final assessment before completing the sound healing course and I was the needed volunteer. He had lovely, caring, light energy. As we exchanged few words, we both felt joy & excitement coming from within so we both felt we are a good match for this session and went with the flow.

My first breakthrough came few minutes into the session, even before any sounds were used. As he was going through a short relaxation meditation, he said, think about a moment from the past when you felt unconditional love. I realised I don’t have to think about the past, I felt the unconditional love right there and then, unconditional love for him as a representation of the masculine energy. (Before the session I wished for a female practitioner as I thought a woman will understand and help me better, LOL ) I realised in this moment that it was perfect to have a man doing this healing session for me because I was about to forgive all men for all the pain and sorrow caused to women here on earth. (I saw men of all religions and nationalities flashing through my mind…) I felt the forgiveness and unconditional love in my entire body and my heart chakra was huge, so much heat & love, tears pouring down, no sobbing, just a quiet, perfect opening of energies.

My second breakthrough happened when a very deep-sounding drum resonated above my 1st, 2nd & 3rd chakras. I felt all that ancient pain from our feminine parts of the physical body being called out with the deep rhythmic sound vibration of drums. With love and appreciation for the wisdom and opportunity this pain has brought to me, I let it all go and again this feeling of forgiveness & unconditional love between female & masculine aspect came in. More tears…

I realised that every time my cycle will come, it will be a reminder for me to send more healing between male & female aspect out to the world.

It’s always my (otherwise amazing) husband that triggers the anger that appears out of nowhere once a month (LOL), so now I will use it to my advantage, as a reminder to forgive all men, feel the unconditional love for them regardless what happened, heal the emotion, move on and celebrate that we indeed are moving into new earth with no more pain between masculine & feminine energy.

The third breakthrough came when the practitioner used Sansula, the most beautiful sounds instrument. I just felt to the core of my being that I am good enough, I am worthy and universe loves and supports me unconditionally. It was magical. A river of happy tears and again, feeling love to all that is. No judgement, no exclusions, just peace, love & joy.

The best thing is that the pain of my cycle was gone and so is any imbalance in my emotional state. Things happened later that day that would usually trigger me, but I felt like a river Zen. I can’t wait for the next cycle to reaffirm that this healing occurred. And if there will be any leftover pain, I will welcome it with excitement and transmute it in an instant.

I hope you will find this helpful on your own journey.

Hopefully, ladies will agree with me and feel this in your heart that the only way for us all to heal this ancient pain within us, is through forgiveness and unconditional love, feeling worthy and moving on into much lighter vibrations with new magical possibilities. And I hope men will agree that they too can help & heal themselves by feeling the forgiveness & unconditional love between the two aspects.

PS: Great article, explaining kundalini energy during these times that I just came across:

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