"I am intrigued by the Akashic (Soul) Records concept. I'd love to hear about my soul origin, history and purpose, about my spirit team, my past lives and any blocks that need to be cleared. I feel some of my life issues originate in my past lives. I want to be free

and align with my

Higher-self wisdom and energy."


"I heard so much about the late Dolores Cannon's phenomenal work and I feel it's time for me to experience Quantum Healing Hypnosis. I am eager to connect with my subconscious to find answers and heal my body. I am quite intuitive and I would like to find out for myself what my soul truth is."


"I want to work on 1-2 main (emotional, mental, physical) issues that affect the quality of my life and my well-being significantly. I want to understand what's going on and how to fix it. I think my blocks originate in my ancestral lineage. I feel stuck and I need something more effective to get unstuck."


"I don't really want to talk about my issues but I really need help and healing. I feel so out of balance lately. I would love a boost of energy to lift me up, and a nice feeling of connection & peace that I am missing.  I hear Reiki does wonders for some people so

I want to give it a chance and experience it myself ".

We use free video calling app to connect with our clients from all over the world. Stay home, stay safe. 🌐


We would love to help you improve your life on many levels, understand that there is a potential in you far greater than you lived so far. Empowering people is our greatest passion. We are trained to skillfully address and resolve stagnant energy blocks and subconscious blocks that are negatively affecting your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual quality of your life. 

Perhaps right now you feel stuck, confused, anxious, suffer from a long-term issue or maybe you are going through a spiritual awakening and you have important questions about your life that you need answered.


Step 1) Decide on one of our healing modalities (HERE) that you resonate with the most and contact us to book your session.

Step 2) Let us help you expand your consciousness and heal your life on many levels.

Step 3) Allow your body to process your session and observe how you make new choices aligned with your greater potential. 


We invite you to have a look through our website and if the information resonates with you, contact us and enjoy the journey. 


With best wishes,

Julia & Marek

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Julia and Marek Balaz, trading as ‘Quantum Healing Journey’ offer services that are of Alternative Metaphysical Advisory nature. Julia and Marek Balaz are not medical or psychological professionals and are unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or claim to cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature. All information obtained from Julia and Marek Balaz is to be taken solely as advisory in nature and not as a replacement for a professional medical care. As a client of Julia and Marek Balaz you understand that any healing that may occur as a result of your connection with them is identified as your own self-healing and that you are fully responsible for your own personal transformation and all your decisions. Julia and Marek Balaz and Quantum Healing Journey will not be held personally, legally, or financially liable for any changes you decide to make in life based upon any advice you received from the aforementioned. Audio or Video recordings and all informational material you obtain from Julia and Marek Balaz remain the intellectual property of the aforementioned and must not be shared with others or publicly unless written permission is obtained directly from Julia Balaz. Anyone using Quantum Healing Journey offered services acknowledges that they have read and understood all details of this disclaimer. By purchasing any of Quantum Healing Journey services, you confirm that you understand and agree fully to this disclaimer.