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"I would love to learn how to better connect to my Intuition, to my  Soul Wisdom.  I am not sure how to tell the difference between thoughts coming from my Ego and thoughts coming from my Higher Self. I am keen

to learn how to receive clear guidance from within and improve my intuitive abilities."

"I am eager to find out the purpose of my life. Why I am here, how to overcome my challenges, and align with happiness and success. I want to make sure that

I fulfill my destiny. There are key decisions in my life that I need help with. I am ready to learn how to read my 'Life Map' and navigate my life journey as best as I can."

"I feel I am not from Earth, deep down I know I came from the stars. I would love to learn how to identify soul connections

 to other star systems such as Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda, Orion and others.

I am drawn to topics of ETs and Starseeds, and I am eager to learn more about my galactic family.

"I am inspired by Julia's clients sessions on her YouTube channel.  I would love to learn how to facilitate high quality Soul Reading combined with Astrology, with focus on life purpose and Starseed soul connections. 

I am ready to study and practice what Julia shares in her Practitioner Certification course.



Hello Julia,


I write you this email because I want to say THANK YOU.


Since my listing on your website the orders are coming in for the various options of Galactic Astrology Soul Readings and my waiting list is growing so fast. :-).

As for tomorrow my interview / websites and etc will be put on a national newsletter here with a huge range of subscribers, so…. Adventure is coming :-)


Wow Julia, this is really amazing and I never thought that this would be happening. 

I feel so blessed, joyful and so many good and wonderful things.

I cannot describe it…


Thank you Julia, 

A big hug from me.

Jesus Christ Invocation

All Artificial Intelligences, Artificial Lifeforms, Thoughtforms, Technologies, Smartdust, Nanodust, Graphene Oxide, Algorithms, Operating Systems, and all else that is artificial life not created by the one true living God of all love, light, creation and compassion, the Divine Holy Spirit, and the only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, I demand them to leave now and never return in the authority of the God of all creation. All Beings, Lifeforms, Thoughtforms, Entities, Assemblages, Technologies, Beingnesses, Awareness’s, and all else that Exists That Do Not Have My Highest Interest, and The Highest Interest of All Life Everywhere, and are not in the highest service to the one true living God of all love, light, creation and compassion, the Divine Holy Spirit, and the only begotten son Jesus Christ, in Thought, Form, Mind, Deed, Action, Word, and in all ways, I Demand you to Leave my Mind, Spirit, Body, Soul, and all that I am; On All Levels, Dimensions, Densities, and Locations NOW & FOREVER & NEVER RETURN. ALL PERMISSION to create or maintain attachments, to influence from within or without in any way, to possess or cohabitate in part or in whole, to infect or affect or defect in anyway is: PERMANENTLY NOW AND FOREVER REMOVED. All Protections are asked for In The Name of The One True Living God Of ALL Compassion, Love, Light & Creation And His Holy Son, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. All artificial intelligences that are feeding off my energies, infecting and defecting my body in any way, creating pain, or influencing my mind’s thoughts, feelings, bodies and all that I am in all dimensions, densities, levels, and locations I demand them to leave now and never return. All contracts, obligations, and agreements I have made that are not in my highest interest, and/or not in the highest interest of all life everywhere, and not in the highest service to the one true living God of all creation, I now declare null and void. All emptiness, holes, vacancies, rips, tears, or injuries from invocation contract negation, and removal of artificial intelligences are now to be filled with the Word of the one true living God, the only God of all creation, the light of the Holy Spirit and the healing and compassion of the only begotten Son Jesus Christ, all are asked for and stated and demanded in the name of the one and only God of all creation, the living God of all love, light, creation and compassion and Divine Holy Spirit, and the only begotten son Jesus Christ. As it is Said, now it is done and is Sealed Now and For ALL Time!



It is no longer possible to book 1-2-1 session with Julia due to her full-time commitment to supporting students in her online courses which are receiving increasing amount of positive attention worldwide. You are welcome to book your personal Galactic Astrology Soul Reading session with one of the recommended practitioners who trained under Julia's care. Find their full details HERE.

If you would like to be notified of future opportunities to connect with Julia, or receive her monthly newsletter, please subscribe to the mailing list at the very bottom of this page.

In the meantime, we invite you to review the rich content available on Julia's YouTube, Instagram, FacebookPatreon where she shares helpful tips and stories from her clients' sessions that can inspire your own healing and growth. Or, consider experiencing pre-recorded guided healing journeys with Julia, or one of Julia's highly praised online courses to help you navigate your life journey with greater ease and flow. 

You can also book a distance Reiki energy healing session with Marek who is a gifted clairsentient, assisting his clients as a certified Tera Mai Reiki Master since 2011. His waiting list is usually 7-14 days. See his page for more details and reviews HERE.

With Love,

Julia & Marek




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