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High Priestess & New Earth - Past & Future Life Regression

I really enjoyed last week’s group regression for the amazing conversations and healing experiences that occurred. I look forward to hosting another one again soon. You can book your place here:


Group regression session takes approximately 4 hours, depending on how much the participants want to share and discuss their experience with the group.

I cover 3 main parts in my group hypnosis sessions, plus a surprise psychological exercise at the end:

1) One past life regression;

2) Meeting your Spirit Guide (the one that is assigned to you from birth to death), this is a wonderful opportunity for you to receive a personal message and a gift from your guide;

3) One future life regression (you choose if you want to see 100, 200 or 300 years from now – obviously, one of many possible futures)

Each and every time I facilitate these group regressions all participants receive the most appropriate information that they find very useful and relevant to their present life. This is because the Higher Self that is overseeing this kind of experience knows you better than anyone, it knows exactly what's best for you to see.

One of the participants last week had an interesting experience and I am delighted she allowed me to share it here with you. I hope you will enjoy reading the following two stories.



A beautiful young priestess with long black hair, wearing a white dress (slightly see-through) with golden lingerie underneath. Brown leather sandals, beautiful golden bracelets.

Her home was a massive ziggurat temple, located in ancient Mesopotamia. The land was covered with vegetation.

During dinner time, she saw two tables, a long one for young priestesses eating from rather simple bowls, and another table higher up with elders who were eating from golden plates and drinking from golden glasses.

Important day: “I was just selected as the Chosen One and I received a beautiful golden necklace with a special key. There is a line of the most perfect looking young men in front of me. I must choose one of them who will receive my golden necklace with the key. I can sense the eldest priest being very jealous, he was the chosen one a long time ago and he would love to be the one now, but there is nothing he can do about it. I choose the first man in the line. When I looked in his eyes, the rest of the world disappeared. He is the one! I am giving him my necklace. He is as excited as I am!”

Another important day: “Today is the day of our Divine Sacred Marriage. My chosen young priest, who was well trained to work with sacred energies is now handing the golden necklace with the key to the eldest priestess. She thought me how to connect my energies to the Cosmos. She is unlocking my golden chastity belt with the chained key. Everyone leaves the room. The young priest and I are at the center of the Ziggurat temple in a descended circle in the middle with the highest point of the roof above us. As we connected, we have experienced multidimensional cosmic unity, massive explosion of energies. We both felt an immense excitement and at the same time realizing the huge importance of our energy work on Earth."

Another important day: “My love and I are now traveling around Mesopotamia. We are treated as Gods. We travel in a red & gold silk litter, carried by people. We must save all our energy for the ceremonies of the sacred union between the Cosmos and the Earth. There is quite an entourage traveling with us. We visit all temples in the country where we act as conduits of cosmic energies which are expanding to the land, all the people and animals. This energy benefits everyone and everything it touches. Our blood is royal, our DNA contains DNA of extra-terrestrial beings, that is why we are the chosen ones."

Last day of her life: “I am much older, I have fulfilled my life's purpose. I am in a cave and I simply close my eyes and leave my body. It was my time to go.”

I asked her if she had any children and she said no because they gave her a special drink from herbs that worked as a natural anti-conception. She also revealed that although the couple was only allowed to be together during these special ceremonies, they were so in love that they often sneaked out and spent time together in secret. :-)


Her spirit guide looked like a Druid. He gave her a beautiful necklace with a delicate cage-like ball that had a very special black stone inside. The stone came from a Star beyond our Galaxy and it held the energy of Creation so that she can connect to it at will and use in her energy work in her present life.