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The Power To Heal Yourself (QHHT)

Pre Face by Suzanne Spooner:

Hi Everyone,

As a QHHT practitioner and director for the Official QHHT Practitioner’s Global Forum I witness and read often about the many people who are able to create their own physical healing in QHHT sessions. This isn’t miraculous in my work, it is common!

As we know through the great life work of Dolores Cannon, the body is a messenger. If we are off our path emotionally or spiritually it will many times let us know with physical sensations in a way we will listen. Pain or discomfort seems to be a way to get our attention best. Where the discomfort is located at is telling us what we need to listen to so we understand the message.

Dolores found that our body speaks to us in a very literal language. For example, arthritis is many times said by the client’s High Self to be caused by rigid thinking, not being flexible, being stubborn. The origin of diabetes is often because the person blocks love, doesn’t trust others in their life or can’t regulate sweetness.

Here is the kicker: Once the body delivers the message and the client understands it’s origin and how to move better on their path the ache, pain or illness doesn’t need to exist anymore. Many times in a QHHT session people experience instantaneous full healing. Sometimes the HS will give the client some work to do in their awake state to show them that they are partners with their body and their HS in keeping the body in alignment. For them healing can take a little more time. My personal thought is that their mind needs to change a perception to help keep the body in alignment. The client is given a recording of their amazing session at the end of the day. By listening to it, they help to keep the knowledge, healing and alignment in place.

I want to share with you a QHHT session story written by the lady who healed herself. Her name is Laura Casto and she is a friend, fellow QHHT practitioner and a wonderful example that all healing is within.

Laura’s Testimony

This is my personal testimony of my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session I personally had with Dolores Cannon, June 20, 2012. I presented this testimony to the Oklahoma Psychic Educational Research Association Fair, September 7, 2013. I am so happy to be here today, to share my story and my experience with Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

June 20, 2012, changed my life forever! At that time I was using a walker and was oxygen dependent, with no hope or time. I was struggling to stay alive! I had arthritis so severe in my cervical vertebrae; it had flattened the spinal cord in my neck. This area of the cord regulates the heart and lungs, so my physician prescribed a walker to prevent a fatal fall. I am also a silicone breast implant survivor from 1984. It was protocol at that time to remove the breast tissue and place silicone implants behind the pectoralis, chest muscles for women with severe fibrocystic disease. I trusted western medicine and was told the implants were harmless. Six months after the implant surgery, I developed asthma and also pneumonia.I had the implants for seven years. They leaked into my lungs and throughout my body, causing multiple health problems. The silicone had compromised my immune system. The damage was done!! For twenty seven years, I was in and out of hospitals with uncontrollable, severe asthma and sometimes even pneumonia. My health had become so compromised, on three different occasions, various physicians advised me to medically retire, but I would not give up!! I feared each time I was admitted to the hospital was my last! There were times when the physician told my daughters not to leave my bedside, fearing the end was near. The years of having both severe asthma and the aggressive treatment, damaged my heart and lungs, causing Pulmonary Hypertension. Pulmonary Hypertension is a progressive, terminal disease, with a life expectancy of two to five years. 2012 was year number six. I was living on borrowed time. Both lower lobes of my lungs had deflated, making it difficult to breathe, even with oxygen. My body was starting to shut down. I was homebound for seven years. Leaving the confines of my home became dangerous, as it could exacerbate my asthma. I had a home health nurse and was counseled about hospice. At times I wondered how my family would be without me. I became depressed and felt alone. I felt no one really understood what I was going through. Over the years, the silicone affected my pancreas. I developed Chronic Pancreatitis in 2011, forcing me to be on a liquid diet. An MRI revealed multiple cysts in my liver, a cyst on my kidney, and one in my pancreas. Fifteen months ago I was on multiple oral medications; breathing treatments several times a day, and three inhalers. One inhaler was so expensive I purchased it from Canada. I was using increasing amounts of oxygen, and using a walker. Time was running out! I turned within daily, asking for guidance and healing. I asked for a miracle! Then I met Dolores Cannon!!

I met Dolores at a UFO Conference, April, 2012. She was the keynote speaker. I spoke with her as she autographed her books I had purchased. We talked about my condition and she asked her assistant to put me on the waiting list. The waiting list was five years at that time. It has now grown to eight years! I told her assistant, Sara, I had the money, I had a ride, and I lived in Oklahoma City, so it was a short drive. I had everything, but time. I had children and grandchildren, I needed time! In May, I received an email from Dolores’ assistant notifying me of a cancellation for June 20th. My miracle had happened! I had hope! I felt so blessed! Dolores teaches Quantum Healing Hypnosis all over the world. She is rarely home. She had returned for two weeks. On her free time, she does one session a week. A client, the week prior to my session, flew in from China. My heart was filled with gratitude!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is not a gimmick. It transforms lives! It is a technique of personal empowerment and realization of our own wisdom. It helps one find their individual power to manifest and connect to the source of answers that are inside us. Sometimes we need the experience shown to us of another life to bring awareness and insight to our present life. Once issues are identified, the transformation begins and the issues are resolved: If one surrenders, accepts and believes. In other words; ASK, BELIEVE, ALLOW and RECEIVE!!

My big lesson in this life was to “ask for help” and to “allow and receive”. During my session I learned it had taken me several lifetimes to “ask for help”. In this lifetime it took me losing; my career, my health, my home and all my possessions. I remember Dolores saying, “It’s okay to share the burden, it gives others a chance to learn their lessons! Then I finally “got it”! During the past life I experienced in my session, I was shown PRIDE, kept me from learning the lesson of “asking for help”. I also learned it was UNWORTHINESS, in this life!! I did not feel worthy to “ask for help”! During my session, the causes of unworthiness were identified. As I resolved the issues and understood the lessons presented to me, the transformation began. Those clients who avoid resolving their issues will not transform. Everyone has issues, some deal with them, heal and move on, while others deny the issues exist and no change occurs. We are given free will on this 3-Dimensional earth. Those who choose to go through life and ignore their issues become stuck and struggle. The success is strictly up to the client and how much they want to change! WE MUST FIX OURSELVES!!

An interview is conducted with the client before the session. The interview gives the client an opportunity to communicate with the practitioner about their concerns, significant events, health or personal issues and expectations. It also gives the client an opportunity to share their history and experiences that can help bring insight and awareness to their present life.

The day of my session, I was with Dolores for seven hours. She asked me to share my life history, from childhood to present. She observed, asked questions and interjected information. Some of which I did not want to hear, but was imperative for any changes to occur!! She gave me insight and tools to help me navigate my life. She gave me wisdom and a future. She explained how the past can affect the present. She taught me the importance of letting go and living in the present! She taught me the importance of manifestation and positive thoughts!! She taught me to speak my truth and not worry about other’s reactions! She stressed the importance of surrounding myself with positive beings, beings that serve me and my purpose! She gave me permission to live my life on my