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Remembering who we trully are! (QHHT)

FOLLOWING IS A QHHT SESSION TRANSCRIPT. My client came seeking help because she felt like all her life she was letting others step over her and she was losing herself. She wanted to know why. She wanted to feel empowered in order to be able to step-up for herself and live her life on her terms.

Julia: ... tell me where are you, what do you perceive?

Client: I see a field, white flowers, it feels like a higher place on a mountain, there is a breeze, I see sky and just the field. There is a dark spot in the air, on the left, like a black hole, hovering over the grass. I can walk into it, it’s large. Doesn’t feel comfortable at all because it’s black.

Julia: Full of possibilities, isn’t it? Are you curious?

Client: Yes, but I am I am scared, really scared! (getting emotional) I am there on my own!

Julia: You are not alone, I am here with you, we’ll go together, I’ll hold your hand, would you feel brave enough if we go together?

Client: Yes!

Julia: Great, let’s go together, you are overcoming your fear, it’s wonderful you did that, well done. Tell me what you see or feel now as we go through the black whole.

Client: I see another place, it’s very sunny here, the grass is greener, it’s covered with these beautiful flowers! (smiling) The other place, the grass felt cold and not right, not green. This one is so lively! I see white butterflies everywhere, birds and a huge tree on my right. All these butterflies…, it’s wonderful! I feel like running through the grass, so much happiness is here, and the colours, it’s amazing! I hear children, there are children giggling and are also playing with the flowers, throwing them in the air, doing the same as I am doing. (Client giggling)

Julia: That’s what a perfectly happy childhood feels like and you can feel it, it’s real, it’s yours.

Client: Yes!

Julia: (Watching & feeling the joy radiating from my client’s face was priceless) Tell me more!

Client: I am pulled back to the first place, with blue-ish green grass. I walked a bit further, I am back on my own and there is a huge mountain, really, really high, above the clouds.

Behind me as I turn back I see a dragon, dark brawn-ish – red skin, very rough skin, red fears eyes and huge mouth. As he opens his mouth he doesn’t bite, he just roars and frightens me. He is coming towards me, his head is fuh… he is roaring! He is huge in comparison to me, I must lay down on the ground because it’s too frightening! He is coming over me!

Julia: You can communicate with this dragon, ask him why is he doing this to you, why is he trying to scare you.

Client: Dragon: Because you are small, you are so small.

Client: I don’t want to be small! (Client sobbing)

Julia: Ask him, what is giving him the right to scare small beings? What has happened to him that is making him be this way?

Client: When I asked him, he became small! He now looks like a baby dragon! He is now a size of a big dog. And he is ashamed because he bullied me, it’s because he has been bullied. He is a small dragon in comparison to big dragons, he is bullied by them. That’s why he bullies anything that’s smaller than him, to make him feel good.

Julia: That’s interesting, so what would you like to tell him?

Client: It’s ok to be small because you are always big in your heart. I am giving him a hug. He doesn’t feel so rough now. I feel sad for the dragon. He is laying down now, with his head on my lap, we are both very comfortable. I am sitting against something; it feels like a rock. Surroundings became brighter, sunnier, colours changed, it’s more yellow, more like sun, it’s warmer.

I am sitting at the entrance of a cave. I want to go in!

It’s a very wide cave, the ceiling is low, the space is opening. There is one that’s drawing my attention, it’s the middle one, it’s lower, so I walk down. I see this golden sand on the floor and in the middle of the sand is a stone, high thin stone pointing upwards and it’s an open space, it’s like a room in a cave.

Julia: Sounds like a very special place.

Client: Now I have a feeling there is somebody there. Somebody is hiding behind the rocks in the cave.

Julia: tell them they can trust you, they don’t have to be scared.

Client: It’s a very old lady. It’s a very old lady with a stick, walking stick. It’s a funny lady she has a funny face, a happy face. She has this cloak on her. She points with her stick at me, she is pointing that I should sit down next to this pointed rock on the golden sand. I am sitting down. Above this golden sand, I there is so much light coming off the ceiling. Although it’s in the cave, it feels like this light is here very strong, making the sand glow.

And this lady comes towards me and she walks around me, she was expecting me she says ,with a smile. She knocks on the floor with the stick few times, she touches with one hand the high pointed rock and there is a beam of light coming from that rock, straight up to the ceiling. Wohoo, it’s like not only light, it’s power coming from it! It reflects against the ceiling and it spreads into all directions over the ceiling and lights up the whole cave. There is now a whole bunch of people there! All these darks spaces that were there before, there is a whole bunch of people there, watching me!

I am surprised, I am not sure how I feel but they are all wearing the same cloak as the lady. It’s velvet like and it has golden patches around it, and on sleeves as well. Tighter on their arm and loose at the end of sleeves. Loving energy coming from them. They are waiting for something to happen. It looks like they want me to do something. I am standing up now, she points to me to touch the pointed stone so I touch it and the light & power sucks back in to the pointed stone and now it’s again as it was, just the shiny sand and stone, the rest is dark. But I know these people are still around.

She smiles. She is pointing at me to step back from the stone. She knocks the floor with her stick again, 2 times. She gives me a sign to touch the stone again so I touch it and the whole top becomes red, glowing red and it sort of swells in my hands, I am holding the top of the stone. It’s going to burst! The energy comes flying back out and lights up the room again! I am still holding the stone with two hands. The energy is amazing, it’s … wow! All these people are now suddenly all dressed in white, they are laughing, shaking hands, it’s amazing, it’s overwhelming. So beautiful!

The old lady is all of a sudden…. she is beautiful! Oh my god she is amazing! Like an angel she is glowing, pale skin, long white hair, the most beautiful smile! Fuh it’s…. She laughs, she smiles at me. So much love I feel. (client is now crying)

Julia: Ask her, why are you there.

Client: I am one of them! (client sobbing in disbelief) There is somebody coming towards me and he’s got something in his hand. He’s got a white cloak….and it’s for me? (crying) I accept it! I feel so humble! It’s magical! I don’t know what to say! It’s amazing! All these people clapping their hands and cheering (tears are just rolling down my client's cheeks, and mine too! ;-) )

The lady in front of me, her arms open, she smiles and nods, she wants me to wear the cloak. So they help me to wear it, put around my shoulders, it’s beautiful! It feels like I am starting to glow!