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Remembering who we trully are! (QHHT)

FOLLOWING IS A QHHT SESSION TRANSCRIPT. My client came seeking help because she felt like all her life she was letting others step over her and she was losing herself. She wanted to know why. She wanted to feel empowered in order to be able to step-up for herself and live her life on her terms.

Julia: ... tell me where are you, what do you perceive?

Client: I see a field, white flowers, it feels like a higher place on a mountain, there is a breeze, I see sky and just the field. There is a dark spot in the air, on the left, like a black hole, hovering over the grass. I can walk into it, it’s large. Doesn’t feel comfortable at all because it’s black.

Julia: Full of possibilities, isn’t it? Are you curious?

Client: Yes, but I am I am scared, really scared! (getting emotional) I am there on my own!

Julia: You are not alone, I am here with you, we’ll go together, I’ll hold your hand, would you feel brave enough if we go together?

Client: Yes!

Julia: Great, let’s go together, you are overcoming your fear, it’s wonderful you did that, well done. Tell me what you see or feel now as we go through the black whole.

Client: I see another place, it’s very sunny here, the grass is greener, it’s covered with these beautiful flowers! (smiling) The other place, the grass felt cold and not right, not green. This one is so lively! I see white butterflies everywhere, birds and a huge tree on my right. All these butterflies…, it’s wonderful! I feel like running through the grass, so much happiness is here, and the colours, it’s amazing! I hear children, there are children giggling and are also playing with the flowers, throwing them in the air, doing the same as I am doing. (Client giggling)

Julia: That’s what a perfectly happy childhood feels like and you can feel it, it’s real, it’s yours.

Client: Yes!

Julia: (Watching & feeling the joy radiating from my client’s face was priceless) Tell me more!

Client: I am pulled back to the first place, with blue-ish green grass. I walked a bit further, I am back on my own and there is a huge mountain, really, really high, above the clouds.

Behind me as I turn back I see a dragon, dark brawn-ish – red skin, very rough skin, red fears eyes and huge mouth. As he opens his mouth he doesn’t bite, he just roars and frightens me. He is coming towards me, his head is fuh… he is roaring! He is huge in comparison to me, I must lay down on the ground because it’s too frightening! He is coming over me!

Julia: You can communicate with this dragon, ask him why is he doing this to you, why is he trying to scare you.

Client: Dragon: Because you are small, you are so small.

Client: I don’t want to be small! (Client sobbing)

Julia: Ask him, what is giving him the right to scare small beings? What has happened to him that is making him be this way?

Client: When I asked him, he became small! He now looks like a baby dragon! He is now a size of a big dog. And he is ashamed because he bullied me, it’s because he has been bullied. He is a small dragon in comparison to big dragons, he is bullied by them. That’s why he bullies anything that’s smaller than him, to make him feel good.

Julia: That’s interesting, so what would you like to tell him?

Client: It’s ok to be small because you are always big in your heart. I am giving him a hug. He doesn’t feel so rough now. I feel sad for the dragon. He is laying down now, with his head on my lap, we are both very comfortable. I am sitting against something; it feels like a rock. Surroundings became brighter, sunnier, colours changed, it’s more yellow, more like sun, it’s warmer.

I am sitting at the entrance of a cave. I want to go in!

It’s a very wide cave, the ceiling is low, the space is opening. There is one that’s drawing my attention, it’s the middle one, it’s lower, so I walk down. I see this golden sand on the floor and in the middle of the sand is a stone, high thin stone pointing upwards and it’s an open space, it’s like a room in a cave.

Julia: Sounds like a very special place.

Client: Now I have a feeling there is somebody there. Somebody is hiding behind the rocks in the cave.

Julia: tell them they can trust you, they don’t have to be scared.

Client: It’s a very old lady. It’s a very old lady with a stick, walking stick. It’s a funny lady she has a funny face, a happy face. She has this cloak on her. She points with her stick at me, she is pointing that I should sit down next to this pointed rock on the golden sand. I am sitting down. Above this golden sand, I there is so much light coming off the ceiling. Although it’s in the cave, it feels like this light is here very strong, making the sand glow.

And this lady comes towards me and she walks around me, she was expecting me she says ,with a smile. She knocks on the floor with the stick few times, she touches with one hand the high pointed rock and there is a beam of light coming from that rock, straight up to the ceiling. Wohoo, it’s like not only light, it’s power coming from it! It reflects against the ceiling and it spreads into all directions over the ceiling and lights up the whole cave. There is now a whole bunch of people there! All these darks spaces that were there before, there is a whole bunch of people there, watching me!

I am surprised, I am not sure how I feel but they are all wearing the same cloak as the lady. It’s velvet like and it has golden patches around it, and on sleeves as well. Tighter on their arm and loose at the end of sleeves. Loving energy coming from them. They are waiting for something to happen. It looks like they want me to do something. I am standing up now, she points to me to touch the pointed stone so I touch it and the light & power sucks back in to the pointed stone and now it’s again as it was, just the shiny sand and stone, the rest is dark. But I know these people are still around.

She smiles. She is pointing at me to step back from the stone. She knocks the floor with her stick again, 2 times. She gives me a sign to touch the stone again so I touch it and the whole top becomes red, glowing red and it sort of swells in my hands, I am holding the top of the stone. It’s going to burst! The energy comes flying back out and lights up the room again! I am still holding the stone with two hands. The energy is amazing, it’s … wow! All these people are now suddenly all dressed in white, they are laughing, shaking hands, it’s amazing, it’s overwhelming. So beautiful!

The old lady is all of a sudden…. she is beautiful! Oh my god she is amazing! Like an angel she is glowing, pale skin, long white hair, the most beautiful smile! Fuh it’s…. She laughs, she smiles at me. So much love I feel. (client is now crying)

Julia: Ask her, why are you there.

Client: I am one of them! (client sobbing in disbelief) There is somebody coming towards me and he’s got something in his hand. He’s got a white cloak….and it’s for me? (crying) I accept it! I feel so humble! It’s magical! I don’t know what to say! It’s amazing! All these people clapping their hands and cheering (tears are just rolling down my client's cheeks, and mine too! ;-) )

The lady in front of me, her arms open, she smiles and nods, she wants me to wear the cloak. So they help me to wear it, put around my shoulders, it’s beautiful! It feels like I am starting to glow!

I am just energy, I lost the body, it’s gone, it’s gone! I am just one ball of energy. It feels gorgeous. It’s so intense! All these people.. I am just one ball of energy and I see my reflection in their eyes, a tiny dot reflection. I am sort of hovering over the ground. It intensifies, I am becoming bigger!

Julia: Let’s see how far you can expand.

Client: I’m going to burst on top of the cave. The open air, the ceiling is gone, I just went through it! In the open air (client sobbing and breathing deeply) I am everywhere! I have no body, I have no body, I am everywhere!

Julia: This is who you truly are!

Client: I can’t describe it!

Julia: That’s how it feels being you, your true essence, enjoy it!

Client: (Breathing, sobbing happily, basking in it and now slowly calming down, it’s priceless to witness!)

I am one with the sky, one with the air, one with the grass and the trees, one with butterflies, the black whole is gone now, I don’t need to go through a whole, I can just go from one place to the other, there is no entrance, they are right next to each other. All these birds, all the flowers, I feel all the happiness and their being, the way they are, I am part of it all! I feel the tree, its density, the strength, the way it stands with its roots in the ground, the way the little leave tinkle in the wind. I feel when a bird sits on the branch and I carry it. I hover around and I float next to all the insects and butterflies, the birds they are just talking to each other, they are just there, enjoying themselves, they have no worries, they are just doing what they are supposed to do, they don’t have to do anything, they just are… There are rocks, I feel the rocks, they are heavy! They have this huge wisdom because they know, they’ve been there so long and they can tell stories. They are the most amazing story tellers! (client smiling this whole time). There are rabbits, and deer, they are all there, I feel them. ……They just all are! (saying this in awe) There is no pressure no…, they are just happy. They just are. I’m now all the energy because I am not…, I am just energy, I am everywhere like a huge transparent energy, consciousness!

I feel the ground now... I feel the rumbling of the earth;

I feel the rhythm of the planet... I feel pain…, it’s suffering! It has spots, they feel like they are in pain. It’s so thick, it’s difficult to get through. I can’t get through. I want to go to the core.

Julia: I wonder if you tried the tree, go through the roots.

Client: ah, I can try that. Oh yes, that works. It’s beautiful, it’s so warm, it’s breathing from the core. And from within I can see there are very dark patches on the skin. It’s not all covered in dark patches, there are still places where you can go through with the energy, but there are a lot of dark. Like measles, dark dots.

Julia: What caused these patches.

Client: Bad vibrations... Let’s go up again. Through the roots of the tree and I want to sit on a dark spot. I can now…, I am not transparent anymore. I can change into a white glowing with silver and gold sparkles everywhere. It’s like building up energy, and I become a ball! Now I hover above the dark dot. And then I launch myself towards that dot so it explodes and it goes into million pieces! And it’s cleared!

Julia: Isn’t that amazing you can do that?

Client: It’s amazing!

Julia: What do we do next?

Client: It looks like I’m pulled back to the cave. I stand again before the lovely lady and I now have a body again and she puts her arm on my shoulder. (crying and whispering: “This is who you are! This is who you are!! Remember! This is who you truly are!!” I can only fall on my knees and start crying.

Client: They are now all going away, I just sit there on my knees, next to the stone, they are all walking away, in humming, I am there on my own, they are all gone, they walked further, deeper into the cave, I can’t see them anymore. The lady walked first and the rest followed, I can only hear them humming.


Julia: I wonder if it would be ok if I asked this beautiful consciousness questions about Client’s life. Unless you would like to go & experience something else?

Client: I don’t think we need to go anywhere, you can ask questions.

Julia: Will Client, now have wisdom and power to stand up for herself?

Client: She will!

Julia: What was the purpose of her experiencing such difficult childhood and the whole life?

Client: (in deeper, strong voice) She forgot who she was, it was an old pain of many lives, it was a family issue that only she could reveal and solve. She healed it when she experienced her energy; when she remembered who she truly is. She was the only one who had the power from her family to heal the whole past in the whole family, and the future.

Julia: Will her family members notice the change?

Client: They will! They will have no idea how, but it’s ok. We needed very strong energy to be able to break the pattern and now was the time to do so.

Julia: Will her body issues go? (falling hair, headaches & constipation)

Client: All will be resolved, just be who you are the rest will come and follow. Step into the white light. All she needs is within her. It’s going to be completely new, empowered life, everything will heal and shift. Old issues are to no use anymore, she now remembers who she is!

Julia: What is her purpose now?

Client: There is a healing, very strong healing in her hands, but she can choose. Just by consciously being who she is will create an enormous healing for those surrounding her, without their knowledge. She will feel the necessary healing moments and will be able to heal people if they will allow to be healed.

Julia: Should she change career & become a healer?

Client: She is the healing itself, she is the energy and the power. With her hands, she can summon the energy of the color any person needs and she can heal them that way.

Julia: What about her situation with her controlling boss?

Client: She must stand up for herself! She will find a way. We see heavy energy around that person. It’s his lesson, looks like he is not ready to learn the lesson. Time will tell, but he has very heavy energy, lifetimes of issues. Be the bright star, be the white energy, only white shiny glittering white coming from your 3rd chakra, just explode the white, that will heal and protect you. No fear is necessary; no fear is necessary! Everybody has its own journey, his own lessons and his own time in learning the lessons! There is always help! For everyone!

Julia: Any final message?

Client: Just be yourself. We are here to help. You are never alone. You have all the power within you! If you want to connect with us, go to the cave with the pointed rock and touch the stone. We will be there. We have great trust in her, she is very strong. She has had a very hard life but that was necessary to come to where we are now. If it was not as hard as it has been she would not search for us. There is only love.

Julia: Thank you for this beautiful experience and wisdom, what an honor.

Client: You are thanked! Everybody thanks you, everybody of the council thanks you and they all bow for you!

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