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Powerful Women Healers (QHHT Past life story)

This beautiful story started with my client seeing a black scorpion walking in front of her feet. She found herself being a man, walking across desert towards the mountain with a male companion.

They were walking for many days, he felt tired and he was only carying a satchel with little water left and black sparkly stones to pay for a medicine for his younger son who was very weak.

They got to the healer who was an old man sitting in the middle of his red tent full of herbs & strong aromas. He was preparing the medicine in front of the two men. It looked like a black oil and it was made from the skin of the animals, coconut oil, sage, lavender, rosehip, teasel & berries.

Behind the man was standing his daughter who looked like a Persian princess, she had amazing green eyes and even though her face was covered, you could tell she was very beautiful. She whispered to her father what herbs to use. She was a gifted healer, seeing things about the world, but she had to hide her gifts. Her mother was a very powerful healer too but soldiers dragged her away and killed her because of the gift. Hence the father pretended to be the healer to save his daughter’s life.

We asked what message the healer had for this man. She told the man that she can see that his son’s heart is a lot stronger and this medicine will help him to recover. The medicine will also help the older son and his wife. Both children were very skinny, living in the desert was hard.

Client: “She can see that my wife is not well. We lost 3 children and she has no energy left, something with her bones, she is bend over. The healer is giving me crystals – blue – Lapis and red crystals which will heal her womb and give her energy. They are very powerful crystals. She is saying that

I am a good warrior but I spent too much time fighting. My family needs me now so I must stay home and look after them & my olive trees farm. She is very powerful, getting the information from space. My friend is in awe.”

They made it in time back home. The medicine helped over few short weeks, the kids and wife recovered. "My wife is also special, she knows things and sees things, she communicated with this healer across space. She told me where to find her, where to go. I believe her now. But we must keep her gift a secret, she would be killed otherwise. “

At a later point in his life, he did have to return to fight, he was complaining about the emperor: "He is very stupid, just like his father was, always getting in trouble for what he says and does when he is drunk and then the common people must leave their families and fight for his stupid mistakes. People are tired of that."

He passed away as an old man, his wife and kids next to him. Both sons married and with children, his wife was a lot younger than this man. My client was whispering at this stage as this man was taking his last breaths. He was sad to leave his family. "My sons are big now, they will take care of the family. I am old, my heart is heavy.”

As he crossed over, Jesus was there, it was beautiful! And this man’s sister came greeting him too. “She was killed very young, wild animals hatched her and killed her, she was younger than me, I tried to protect her but the animals took her, she is ok now. “

Julia: ” Whatever has happened has happened and you are on the other side now, what have you learned from this life?”

Client: “I was the protector, I was sent to protect my wife, she thought me great things, she opened my mind when it was closed. I loved her greatly so I believed her everything she told me. She saw things, I knew she couldn’t have seen those things, she spoke of the stars, of places far away I know she’s never been. I heard about these places when I was at war, men in the villages spoke about these places far away. She has been there in her sleep, she has never left the village so she couldn’t have known about these places. I knew I had to protect her. “

Julia: "Did you complete your purpose in that life, did you do a good job”?

Client: ”I was a very good father. I knew I did wrong in that life, the wars I fought and people I killed because of that stupid emperor. But it was something I had to do. It was my contract, I had to do it. Otherwise I would be seen as a traitor and my family would be killed. I had to be the example to help my older son become the great warrior he became, everyone was looking up to him in that life. But he became very stupid when I wasn’t there. He also did stuff out of ego, so, he had to lose his arm to stop this from going forward, and stop him killing anyone else. He had to learn too, like me. My younger son’s illness brought me home to stop me from killing, and the same happened later to my older son when he lost his arm."

"This was my wife’s magic though. She was very clever, she was very wise, She was from the female group of healers. Her mother, her granny, and granny before that. They all had these gifts. Some used their minds, some used their hands, some used their voice. They all have the same information used in different ways.

Jesus, his wife was from the same soul group as well, that’s why he is here with me now. He is saying that his wife Mary Magdalene knew everything. She often helped him greatly in his ministry. Women are very strong, you know. But in history, all these women were pushed down by men. But they are very strong, stronger than men. He says his father, is more female than he is male. He says the source energy is more female aspect than male. Male was brought in by the church. That’s wrong really. That’s why we have more female healers on earth. They understand, not using the head space for healing, use the heart. The ego gets in the way otherwise."

"Jesus was very powerful. But Mary Magdalene was also as powerful. But he was the man so he had to step to the forefront light, just like the man who stepped to the front light to protect his daughter, and like me protecting my wife. For every great man, there is a great woman behind."

"But in those times Mary Magdalene couldn’t speak the truth either, she was one of the apostilles too, one of the main ones, bigger than Peter. Much of Jesus’ ministry was done through what she saw. She was very powerful, she gets left out a lot, it’s not fair. But eventually, the truth will set us free. We will find all the knowledge, especially in Ireland. It was all made up to suit those in power."

"The strong female energy is already here on earth, it’s going much faster than we ever anticipated, the women will do it first, it’s the women that do it because they nurture their children and they do it from a different place than men. They will nurture today's children to be spiritual warriors, to connect to the earth first and the information that flows from source. But it will also come through different channels once the energy is connected to the earth. We need to have both connections. Many male healers work mostly from the head space and forget to connect to the earth too. That’s why the women are very good. “

Julia: ...“Why did you chose to show her this lifetime?”

Client (Now speaking with much stronger voice comparing to the whispering up to this point): “She needed to learn, women are very powerful. She doesn’t believe in this lifetime that women are powerful. Because she hasn’t seen it in her family. Her father ruled her mother, her grandfather ruled her grandmother too, this has kept her suppressed. She knows that she can heal but the fears to step out of the shadow of the man are always there. She has lived many different lifetimes where she was controlled by the man. She never learns. This time again, her father’s religion has thought him that men are powerful and women are nothing. She chose for many different lifetimes to have a father who is controlling. She must step out of this control."

"We keep telling her that self-love is the most important thing, she tells everyone else this but she doesn’t apply this to herself. She is very kind, giving all time to heal others, not enough time to meditate to talk to us. She is very stubborn, she must do this, this is her work. The information is within, yet she keeps looking outside, reading all those books, there is no need for that. She knows... Jesus is her friend, very close to her in spirit". . .


There was a lot more said in relation to her personal questions. . . Amazing story I thought, really wanted to share it with you all when I got the permission to. Thank you for your time reading this, I hope you enjoyed it. More to come . . . :-)

Sending you much love.

Julia xo

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