I am always thrilled for people who book their Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with me because I know how much can be achieved in just one session. After you get in contact with me and we arrange a date & time for your In-Person Session, you will receive a detailed email to help you prepare. But here is some of the information to give you a good idea of what to expect. 


At the beginning of your session, we will spend some time discussing what aspects of your life and yourself you wish to improve and we go over your list of questions

I recommend organizing your questions from most important to least important as we may not be able to go through a long list of questions. It depends on how long you will spend exploring your soul history and healing portion of your session, we will have to respect your energy capacity. Usually people have 5-10 key life questions. See examples below. 


Life/Spiritual questions/Metaphysical (purpose in life, life path, etc.)

  • What does my soul originate? I feel alien to this world.

  •  What are my gifts to this world?

Relationship questions

  • Is my spouse, my family/friend my soul mate or part of my soul group?

  • I have a difficult relationship with my spouse, child, sibling, parent. Is it a past life issue? How can I improve it?

Career questions

  • I am not happy in my current job, is it in alignment with my life purpose?

  • I am considering a career change but not sure what path to focus on?


Health-related questions

  • Why do I have this pain, allergy or illness?  What can I do to improve my health?


***Do not ask questions for other people or world related questions or fortune telling questions in your first session. Focus on your own present and past understanding/healing first.




We will then talk about your Higher Self/Subconscious Mind/ Higher Consciousness/Soul.... that part of you that is in the non-physical. We more commonly know this Higher Self aspect of us as our intuition or the gut feeling. It communicates with you daily but is rarely is acknowledged. We all have those moments of clarity when perfect words come through and make perfect sense. Allowing the stream of your Higher Consciousness using your voice to answer your own questions in a quantum healing hypnosis session is an empowering and often a life changing. As a result of your session, you will be able to recognize this inner wise 'voice', distinguishing between ego and soul guidance much better as a result of your session.

We'll talk about how easy it is to be guided into this deep state of relaxation and you will get to PRACTICE the inner journeying with me before we start the hypnosis part. 

As you allow a deep state of relaxation, you will be safely guided by me to the most appropriate time & place where you find answers and healing that you are ready for. You don't have to worry about what will be revealed because your Higher Self knows you better than anyone and it will show you only what you are ready to see and what will be of benefit to you at this time. Once you understand when and where something began and why, then you can rise above it, release trauma (without reliving it!) and move on in an empowered & peaceful way!


You will feel very aware of all energies in your body during the experience and we will ask your Higher-Self to scan your body for any issues that are known and sometimes unknown. You will get to understand what was the purpose of those issues and what needs to change in your life for them to fully heal. Experience of forgiveness, release of guilt, shame, blame is almost always part of the healing experience. This is the moment when my clients report feeling electricity like tingling in different parts of the body as the energy is working away. These sensations are always within the comfort zone of the client. Nothing is ever done without your permission. It is my utmost priority to ensure you feel safe throughout the entire experience. 



Each hypnosis session is totally unique and you will experience exactly what you need. Release any expectation of what you should feel like when you're in a hypnotic trance or what your session will be like. Since hypnosis is NOT A SLEEP state, it doesn't feel like a dream you wake up from and then forget. It feels more like a daydream and the majority of people know exactly what they're saying at all times and remember mostly everything. Most people think they're making it all up until they reflect on all the different sensations and feelings they had in their body. Let go of any doubts and  just enjoy the experience, trusting that your wise Higher-Self knows what's best for you.



As we reach the final moment when you feel satisfied and complete in your session, I will then gently count you up and we will discuss what has occurred, how much of it you remember and how to apply your Higher-Self guidance in your life going forward.

It is common for clients to come out of hypnosis with a look of awe and wonder, a sense of peace, clarity, lightness and a new determination to fulfill their life calling.



Your session will be audio-recorded and I'll email you a copy within 24 hours after. When you receive the recording, upload it to your computer and listen to your session at least 3 times in a space of few weeks no matter how much you remember from it. Since the vibration of your session will also be recorded, you will continue to receive new insights and self-healing each time you listen to the recording. 



It can take weeks to process everything that has happened during a session, especially when many meaningful things can happen in such a short period of time. Remember that YOU (your essence) is your Higher Self and it is always ready to support you and guide you in life. Pay attention, look for signs and you will find them everywhere.

Many clients report that they were witnessing a ripple effect changes in their life for entire year after their session. 

That is the beauty of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Journey. You are gently guided into a  deep state of relaxation (Theta brainwave) where you have access to a multi-dimensional experience and once having it, you have a clearer understanding of how to recognize this divine connection in day to day life, in your quiet time and in meditation.


*Your intention of having a great session is key. Once you have made the decision to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Journey session and you book your date, your Higher Self immediately starts preparing your body and mind and getting ready to have a proper conversation with you. Your conscious mind/ego needs to be gently reminded that it will be taking a back seat in this experience.

*Start by affirming to yourself daily that your connection to your intuition IS continuously getting stronger and stronger and that you are ready to access your Highest Truth.

* If you meditate, do so also the evening before your appointment to help clear your mind. If you don’t meditate, then do something that puts you in a calm place like taking a walk or listening to some soothing music, ideally also the morning of the session. 

* Listen to music infused with Theta frequency as often as possible leading up to your session, to help your brain build up to the experience on the day. Theta Frequency Music Playlist

* Avoid red meat, alcohol & drugs at least the week before your session. The higher your body frequency, the higher states of consciousness you can reach.

* Eliminate or limit caffeine the morning of your session, unless you can't function without it. Have a cuppa if you must.

* Drink plenty of water days leading up to the session. A well hydrated brain and body respond much better to healing energies streaming in during your session. 

* Do your best to have a good night sleep the night before your session. Your session will be wasted if your brain will be too tired and drift into a sleep.

* Have a healthy light breakfast before you come in for your session. Our meeting could go well over 4 hours. Have a snack ready for your way home to help you ground yourself after the session.



Your session is a private experience, if your spouse or a friend are very curious, you can share your session recording with them at your discretion after you listened to it. 

I personally have witnessed physical and emotional healing and watched as a client's struggles were made understandable and then dissipated which allowed them to move on in their life in a much happier and healthier way. Some clients report improvement a few days, weeks and months after the session as the experience has a ripple effect going forward. Please note that I am not doing the healing, I help you access your own self-healing abilities and to your inner wisdom in your session with me. You are fully responsible for your life decisions and actions. 

The power of this experience is that it is YOU (your Higher-Self) telling YOU (your ego) what the root causes of your issues are and how the healing can occur. I am only the facilitator and your assistant in this process.

***You must be over 18 years old and with clear mental faculties. Hypnosis will not work if you are heavily medicated, drugged or hungover or too mentally and physical tired. 

If you have any questions about how the session works, please read a detailed description about Dolores Cannon and her QHHT technique HERE, or if your specific issue can be addressed, please feel free to contact me for a free consultation or review FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. I only book one appointment a day to ensure that all needed time and attention is given to each client.


  • Interview - discussing your intention

  • Induction - relaxing your mind & body

  • Past Life Regression Experience

  • Subconscious/Higher Self Connection

  • Quantum Healing

  • Throughout the session, you can expect to receive numerous key insights and advice that will help you connect the dots, see the bigger picture of your life, heal your past and move on in life in a more focused, empowered and happier way. 

  • Your Session MP3 Recording Link

  • The entire session is 4  hours long including Interview and Hypnosis.

  • A booking deposit of  €99 is required at the time of confirming your session date. Remaining €200 can be paid on the day of your session, after the interview by cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

  • The cost includes 25% tax and fees.​


       *** Note to clients with no car ***

The nearest bus/train stop is in Arklow Town which is 17 km away from Aurghim. We offer pick-up/drop off on request at extra €20 charge.  


If you are traveling from afar and from abroad, you can book  3* or 4* hotel or a number of AirBnB options within this area. Click here for more details



Thank you for your message. I will reply as soon as possible. Usually within 24 hours Monday to Friday.


As I am digesting my QHHT session with Julia, I am trying to find the right words to describe how incredible the whole experience was. Every second of it. I found Julia exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. I couldn't sleep the night before due to being so nervous in anticipation of what's coming, but Julia's super easy going, authentic, and positive attitude put me at ease instantly. I have in the past attended different therapies, workshops & seminars with minor improvements. But the way Julia was conducting the interview impressed me the most. She helped me see where my lifelong struggles were coming from. I had so many AHA moments even before the actual hypnosis! The hypnosis then took me WAY back, to the start of my soul's journey here on earth, 2 completely different past lives that had a direct impact on my current life. I even recognized people in this life from the past and got a much better understanding of the dynamics. I feel much more love to my family. Everything makes so much sense to me now. Connecting ALL the dots, enabled me to finally let go of the old limiting patterns, It was an astonishing experience. I also felt different vibrations, sensations in my body during the hypnosis. The letting go of many old stuck energies felt so amazing. That big hole, the lonely emptiness that my soul endured for lifetimes is now finally filled with light and I feel whole, I feel worthy, truly happy and ready to become the best version of myself. Ready to open my heart to this world and share the love, the light I am. This experience was priceless to me. I wish everyone could get a QHHT session. This world would be a very different place. Thank you, Julia, from the bottom of my soul. <3 


                                 Liz B. - Co. Waterford


I love this TV interview with Sue Spooner talking about a QHHT experience, also incorporating a sceptic point of view. :) 


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