Do any of these complaints sound familiar to you?

"I am finding it hard to be at peace & move on from a difficult past, I keep attracting similar people & circumstances over & over.

I am tired of this pattern and am so ready to change.”

* * *

“I have physical issues that are not improving with medication,

I know my body is telling me something but I am not sure what the message is.

I want to understand, heal the root cause & get better. “

* * *

"I am constantly procrastinating and self-sabotaging my own happiness and success, I wonder if there is some energy block."

* * *

“I am becoming just like my mum/dad and I am not happy about it. I want to be true to myself."
* * *

"I am tired of pleasing others and make everyone around me happy, I'm exhausted, and I am not happy."

* * *

"I have a great fear of ....., I can't understand why; I don't recall any incidents."

* * *

"I struggle with anger issues, the smallest things can trigger me off."

* * *

I have intimacy issues that are really affecting my relationship, I want to change this. 

* * *

I focus on manifesting XYZ but I keep sabotaging the process, I want to clear this energy block in me.

These are some of the most common frustrations my clients struggle with when they contact me asking for help.  

It is my true passion to help people resolve old issues, reconnect with a natural state of well being and

then see them aligning with their true potential in this life. 

I sometimes hear my clients say: "I have tried so many different healing modalities, but nothing worked.

How is Metaphysical Anatomy healing different?"

Let's see; during your MA session with me I will gently address:

Problematic Emotions -  Resolve - Limbic System

Instinctive Responses - Re-balance - Medulla System

Soul Copies -- Limiting Energy You Unconsciously Took on from Others

Negative Associations Made with Positive Things

Secondary Gain/Hidden Benefits of the Issue

Master Cell - Cellular Healing

Healing Integration 

Don't worry if this seems overwhelming, it is an effortless process for you while I focus on the above. 

It seems that 90+% of healing modalities are not addressing ALL of these KEY elements  that

play a major role in an effective trauma release process and in your positive transformation.

 That is most likely why you did not experience a positive shift in the past.

The first 7 years of our life create a solid foundation for how we think about ourselves and life,

yet many alternative modalities are not effectively changing those limiting beliefs and old coping mechanisms that are now outdated. 

 Metaphysical Anatomy Healing Technique gently resolves ancestral, conception, womb, birth and childhood traumas as well as traumatic events that took place in your adult life (without reliving them!).

As a result of this healing process, your natural state of well being that was suppressed for a long time

will be recovered/activated, you start aligning with your best version of self and start attracting 

positive people and circumstances into your life.

  • Wouldn't it be nice if you could enjoy loving & supportive relationships with no more drama?

  • If you could be experiencing synchronicities leading to positive outcomes?

  • To be in-sync with your Higher Self and feel balance in all areas of your life? 

  • Understanding the bigger picture brings peace to your life and you can trust that all is well.

  • Feeling confident in decision making when you know who and how powerful you are.
  • Imagine if things and people that used to "push your buttons" no longer irritated you! 

  • With no blocks in your way, your creativity can flourish, inspiring you to do things that excite you. 
  • Experiencing positive and loving thoughts is natural when you are in alignment with your soul. 

  • Strong intuition and understanding your life in general, feeling on top of the game is now at your fingertips.

  • How about a whole new exciting career path or meeting your soul mate?


Two months after the session feedback:

"I have been unbelievably well since our call. I often want to email you with my news as I really have seen such a massive improvement in my personal life.


I also have seen how I no longer accept poor treatment, this was immediate and I am so so grateful. I am a lot more confident.


I feel so much more compassion towards my mother and less of the teenage angst and anger I was obviously holding onto. I had the most affirming voice message from my brother too which is just amazing.


I have continued to heal my inner child and I am not half as quick to compare myself to other women, the pedestal I put people on has been pretty empty now. :)


I've completed a few alternative healing modalities courses and am due to start one more in October which I am so excited about. . Can't wait to start my healing practitioner journey! Thank you so much for allowing me to believe in me! 

Giliian Alvine

While you may think you know yourself, yet you’re not creating exactly what you want, 

chances are there are some key elements in your past and your family history

that are still affecting your life.

In your MA Healing session with me,

 we will focus on resolving any unconscious unhealthy attachments that you may

have with certain experiences, with people, and emotions. 

We identify core elements that are related to your condition issue or block,

we then feel into the issue energy block that you would like to resolve and I do the rest of the work.

It is an effortless yet very deep process for you as the client.

You will be amazed by how quickly it is possible to resolve those negative feelings, associations and resolving past traumas safely in this effective MA healing process. 

I can't wait for you to experience that positive shift that you are now ready for.


Just imagine...

... feeling at PEACE with your past and with yourself!

...understanding YOUR life PURPOSE, finding a PASSION for life!

...family and friends complimenting your new CONFIDENCE and ENERGY!

...old shame & guilt lifted off of you, no more feeling down for months!

...knowing your worth and receiving RESPECT from others!

...being COMFORTABLE with your life decisions, no more hesitation!

...BEING ACTION-TAKER, taking each next step with a determined mind.

...feeling truly HAPPY regardless of any circumstances!

...living life on YOUR TERMS!

Your body contains great wisdom & all the power you need

for manifesting a joyful, fulfilling and prosperous human experience.

Let me help you uncover that Truth in your own life.

If you are at that point when you question everything in your life,  

it may be the right time for you to book your MA session with me.




currency exchange calculator

A €83 deposit is requested at the time of confirming your session date.

The remaining €150 is required 3 days prior to the session.


If you are ready, fill in your details below:

Thanks! Message sent.

Let's look at what you can expect after booking

your Metaphysical Anatomy healing session with me.

1. After you submit your query, I will reply within 24-48 business hours offering the earliest available date. Once we agree on the date, you can then process the deposit payment via PayPal or bank transfer. (see further below)

2. I will also send you detailed information to help you and I prepare for your MA session.

3. You can enjoy the experience from the comfort of your home as MA session is equally effective when done online. I connect with people from all over the world using www.zoom.us free video call. You will need to have a good enough internet connection in a quiet room where you can feel safe and comfortable.

4. A few days prior to your session, it is very helpful if you drink more water than usual; well-hydrated brain and body respond to healing much better. Also, no alcohol, drugs, etc at least 72 hours prior and after the session!

5. Our video call will take approximately 2 hours if we focus on 1-2 issues in your life.  You will be amazed to see how 1-2 issues connect to a myriad of experiences in your life and life of your ancestors.

6. At the start of your MA session, I will ask you some questions to help me get a good understanding of your emotional and instinctive responses in your past and to uncover any limiting associations and outdated coping mechanisms your body and mind developed as a result of your past. We may briefly talk about parents, grandparents, and siblings to see if there is any connection to your issue there. 

7. We will also address any hidden benefits to your current issues, ensuring that your subconscious will not sabotage the healing process.

***I invite you to visit my teacher Evette Rose's youtube channel HERE where she uploaded many demonstrations to give you an idea of the structure of an MA session. 


8. After our conversation, we will then spend time focusing on "healing rounds", effectively dissolving layer after layer of old energy blocks in your body.  You will feel the energy shifting in your body gently. Until you will feel completely neutral, peaceful about your past and with no resistance in the way of your well being.

9. At the end of our call, to help your brain and body integrate the energy shift effectively, I will guide you through a very specific breathing technique depending on what we worked on (emotional, mental, physical or ancestral issues). This will activate a temporary Gamma brainwave state to support the healing process on a DNA level.

10. After our call, drink a glass of water and stretch your body if you can. Have a nap or go to bed early that evening.

11. It can take 7-21 days for your body to re-calibrate energetically so be gentle with yourself, take it easy, especially the first few days after your session. Depending on what issue we worked on it is normal to feel tired for a few days and sleeping more than usual. Honor your healing body's needs and ideally, don't plan any major commitments the first few days after your MA session.

12. It is important that you take full responsibility for your improved future with your focused effort to start making new conscious choices in your day to day actions that are aligned with your well being.  During your MA session, depending on the issue, you may receive specific guidance or home-work for you to follow to support your healing journey.




I am very passionate about empowering everyone working with me so you will receive additional effective resources that will help you maintain your well being to support your life's continuous improvement. These tailor-made free gifts that you will receive after our MA session.


How will I know the session is working for my benefit?

The information we will uncover will resonate and make sense to you. It will feel as if the missing puzzle pieces just fell into the right place allowing you to see your whole life picture clearly. You will feel lighter energetically & more at peace. Many interesting changes & synchronicities can occur within 21+ days from our session such as pain dissipating, relationships improving, meeting a soul-mate, a new job offer, a house move etc.


Is One Session Enough?

When you submit your initial contact form I will do my best to provide you with a realistic estimate of what will be involved and whether I feel I would be able to assist you. However please understand that everyone is different and I can’t guarantee what results you will experience. Most people experience instant results from just one session. Emotional changes are felt instantly. You can expect physical pain levels to change instantly but severe conditions may require more time and possibly require more than 1 session if there are complex issues and extreme traumas in the past. 


You can read my Testimonials page to see what is possible. Please note that I am not one of those practitioners that will be talking you into booking a session with me. The only real proof of anything is what YOU feel in your heart and soul. If you feel drawn to this session, then your Higher Self/Guides/Universe may be drawing you to me to help you. But if you have a hesitation, doubt, resistance etc. please look elsewhere for help. 



I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions and do not professionally consult or advise about such conditions. If you are under psychiatric care, I can not treat you without written permission from your psychiatrist. Any information or advice I share should be treated as educational only. Equally, the MA session should not replace medical advice and care. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to seek medical professional care and advice for any medical conditions. 


I am used to clients sharing with me vulnerable and very private experiences. You can rest absolutely assured that I value your trust and all your private and personal details you may share with me will remain highly confidential. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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Check out these invaluable books written by inspirational Evette Rose, my teacher and the Founder of Metaphysical Anatomy Healing Technique. You can visit her Youtube Channel HERE and her website HERE for additional resources. 


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