Do any of these complaints sound familiar to you?

"I think I am a Starseed, I would love to know where my soul comes from and what are my Galactic connections." 

* * *

"I feel alien to this world, I don't fit in. I always gaze at stars, looking for Home." 

* * *

"I am so interested in all topics Extraterrestrial, Metaphysical, Spiritual, I wonder why."

* * *

"I think I am a Pleiadian Soul but I also feel drawn to the Orion, could I be connected to both? "

* * *

"I always felt I am here on a mission but I don't know what is it."

* * *

I have connected with some star beings in my mediations and dreams, but maybe it is just my imagination?

* * *

There were some paranormal ET activities happening in my life, I would love to get some validation on that.

* * *


These are some of the most common questions my clients struggle with when they contact me.

What if I told you that it is possible to clearly identify your galactic connections

from the information I find in your Unique Natal Astrological Chart?

For the last 3 years, I felt guided to meticulously study many hundreds of Astrological charts of my QHHT and Soul Realignment clients.

The researcher in me was looking for proofs that our intuition is guiding us correctly and proofs about

 Extra-terrestrial connections that showed up in so many of my clients' sessions!

I started noticing similarities in natal Astro charts of Starseeds (people who identified as not from Earth,

people who experienced life on other planets in their QHHT hypnosis sessions, or

whom I identified as specific Starseeds by reading their Akashic/Soul Records in their Soul Realignment session.

In my passionate research I managed to uncover the galactic soul journey astrology patterns

and I can now with certainty tell you if you have Pleiadies, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra

and many other galactic precise connections in your chart.

But even more importantly, based on those connections,


I can also tell you if you had recent or distant lives there, how that influences your life now, 

AND if you have well integrated consciousness from those star systems or not!

If you would like to learn about all that and much more, check out the online course I created

to teach people who want to learn this advanced astrology art. Click HERE.

My aim is to convey the information to you in a most practical every-day-language

so that you can apply it to your day to day life.

Call me a nerd, but I just love researching this kind of stuff. Analyzing human behavior, seeing how it is influenced by

our past (ancestors), by the celestial bodies, by our society and how past, present and future are all interconnected and

always evolving through us. I strive for quantum perspectives on everything in life!

You did not come to Earth to fit in,

you came to help birthing new realities that are aligned with higher vibrations!

You are an agent for evolution of humanity!

Even though our Soul is the most fundamental aspect of our existence most people never

think about who they are at Soul-level! Isn't that crazy?!

If you are at the point when you question everything in your life,  

it may be the right time for you to book your Galactic Astrology Reading now!

Just imagine...

...having your BIG life questions answered, feeling at PEACE with yourself!

...no more trying to fit in and pleasing people at your own expense!

...understanding and following your Soul's Calling!

...old confusion lifted off of you, no more indecision!

...knowing your worth and feeling PRECIOUS, attracting prosperity!
being more COMFORTABLE with your life on Earth!

...deliberate ACTION-TAKER, deciding each step with a FOCUSED mind.

...CONNECTED TO YOUR INNER ZEN, regardless of external circumstances!

...living life more FREELY as a SOVEREIGN BEING that you are!

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Recent Client's Feedback

I had a breakdown of happy tears reading Julia's detailed report about my galactic connections.  

There were many ET phenomenon situations happening in our area since I was little and I had strange dreams and memories that I had to suppress because of my super religious family that did not agree with any of this.

For the first time in my life, I feel acknowledged in my truth! I feel like I finally found clarity, and a validation that I was looking for. The amount of detail Julia shared was just mind-blowing! I had no idea that something like this was possible. 

I feel like a massive heavy weight has been lifted of me energetically and I feel like I am finally free to be who I came here to be. Just by reading the report, I went from feeling stuck and full of pain... to excited about what my future holds. I now know what direction to go to fulfill my soul mission on earth!

The report Julia sent me is a masterpiece. She is a very gifted reader, analyst, teacher, guide, and an angel on earth! I am so happy I listened to my intuition.

I can't recommend this enough if you have unanswered questions about ET experiences in your life.   Danny, AZ, USA

  • Wouldn't it be nice to be in-sync and feel more balanced and connected to your Truth? 

  • Experiencing synchronicities leading to positive outcomes?

  • Things and people that used to "push your buttons" no longer irritating you! 
  • Understanding the bigger picture brings peace to your life and you can trust that all is well.

  • You can feel confident in decision making when you know who and how powerful you are.
  • When you know your Truth, your creativity can flourish, inspiring you to do things that excite you. 
  • Experiencing positive and loving thoughts is natural when you are in alignment with your oversoul. 

The above is a common feedback from my wonderful clients as a result of them finally understanding where they came from,

what are their strengths and why it is a good thing to feel different from their environment. 

I feel excitement before every client session. I just love uncovering fascinating key details of our soul history and witnessing how it transforms people's lives on so many levels! 


Galactic Astrology Reading is meant to help you understand your soul history & your soul mission on earth, propelling quantum leaps in your life improvement. You may find yourself making new choices that are in alignment with your soul's divine plan.​

Let's look at full details of what you can expect

from your Galactic Journey Astro Reading.

  • We will connect via www.zoom.us video or audio recorded call that will be one hours long. You will receive a copy of the recording. It is important that you re-listen to the call several times to integrate the information fully.

  • During our call, I will share about your personality characteristics that you most likely inherited from the most relevant identified star systems.

  • I will share if you had recent or distant incarnations there and what was your role, purpose there.

  • If and how those lives influence your subconscious mind, conscious mind, or your physical appearance.

  • I will also share if you have well or poorly integrated consciousness/karma from the relevant star systems.

  • I will include information about your life purpose, soul mission, your gifts/qualities in connection to your galactic history

  • About issues you are meant to overcome, learn about, and master in this life

  • I will share tips on how you can start integrating more of your galactic consciousness, and using your soul gifts in your present life. 

  • I will also include pdf documents with information about the star nations you are connected to.

  • The video call will be packed with personal information and practical guidance. If you were to transcribe the call, you would get 10-15 A4 pages of detailed information about your galactic soul history. 

  • You will find the information very personal and applicable to your day-to-day life, not some generic chit-chat.

  • Consider our call being a multilayered/multidimensional frequency transmission that will activate a shift in your consciousness, an energetic shift, your frequency shift on many different levels of your being.  Each time you will re-listen to it, something else will sink in, shift, move, integrate, clear, activate.

  • As one of my clients said, "this is a gift to yourself that will keep on giving". The best way I can describe the experience for you is like ordering a very big meal that you will be digesting little by little, over a long period of time.

  • When you will re-listen to our call in a few months time, or a year later, you will connect with the information differently yet again, and experience your energy shift on another level. I feel very excited for you to experience this. Thank you for trusting your inner guidance to purchase this gift for you. 

I spend many hours focusing on one galactic reading session, the information I provide is very comprehensive and detailed. I intend to offer you the best possible value for your money.

Once you order your session by processing the payment below, you will receive an email from me (within 24 hours) with my earliest availability and I will ask you to send me YOUR DATE(Day/ Month/Year format!), TIME AND PLACE OF BIRTH and your birth full name.

My main objective is to help you understand how you can use this information in a practical & empowering way, to help you apply it in your day-to-day life. Not as something you read once and file away. I encourage you to review the information often in future, it will help you stay focused on your highest divine human potential in this life.

***much of the above information is included in my Soul Realignment sessions, but there we focus more on earthly past lives, spirit guides messages and ancestral traumas influence too. We also connect via zoom and you will have a recorded copy of our 2 hours long conversation that includes many more details on top of the above list. Check out my Soul Realignment offering HERE.

JULIA IS BOOKED OUT FOR 11 MONTHS AHEAD AND IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BOOK A DATE AT THIS TIME. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE NOTIFIED OF FUTURE OPENINGS, LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE SUBSCRIBERS FORM BELOW. If you don't want to wait that long and you would like to learn this process, click HERE to check out my GALACTIC ASTROLOGY online course, where I teach how to interpret Astrological chart to uncover details about your Galactic Soul History.















Are you ready to find out about who you are on a soul level?

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The cost includes 25% in tax and PayPal fees.

Thank you. I look forward to connecting with you very soon. With best wishes, Julia



What or who are Starseeds?

These are human's who's souls incarnated elsewhere in the multiverse prior to their incarnation on Earth. It is generally believed in the spiritual community  that approximately 49-52% of humans on earth currently are starseeds. The rest are humans who's souls started their soul's journey here on Earth. We call them Earther Souls, with no experience elsewhere.

How will I know if I received accurate information?

It will resonate and make sense to you. It will feel as if the missing puzzle pieces just fell into the right place allowing you to see your whole life picture clearer. You will feel excited and uplifted from reading the information. Many interesting changes & synchronicities may occur within 21 days from your reading such as pain dissipating, relationships improving, or ending, meeting a soul-mate, a new job offer, better house move etc. This is due to your potential overall frequency shift as a result of your awareness of your soul's history. On rare occasions, some clients feel down for a couple of days, with flu-like symptoms, tired or a headache, feeling of grief (it's the saying goodbye to the old self, old reality before the new takes over process) before they feel much better. I strongly suggest to take it easy over the first couple f of days, allowing the energy re-calibrating to take place. This is something that your own Higher-Self is in charge of.


What details are required to access my records?

Your exact time of birth, date and place of birth (town or city, plus state/county and country) and your full birth name. Unfortunately I can not give you accurate reading without the time of birth. 

What can I do if I don't know what time I was born at?

Many skilled astrologers offer birth time rectification reading where they can identify your time of birth based on major life events that you will need to tell them about. It's a lengthy process and costly too. You might try calling your birth hospital as they could have the record or in some countries, your childhood GP file might have your time of birth on it.

Can I book Galactic Reading for my family members?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you have their exact time of birth, date and time. However, I urge you to respect everyone's own timing for accessing information like this. Do not force or push someone to realize their soul's truth. If it's done in a pushy way, they will likely reject it as nonsense. There is divine timing for everything.


I believe you were divinely guided to this page because you are a starseed, but in the rare event where I will find no galactic connections in your natal chart, instead of the starseed guidance, I will send you information from your natal chart that will describe you soul's planned journey of what human qualities you are meant to develop in this life, what kind of challenges you are meant to overcome, what will bring you most happiness and fulfillment in this life and much more practical personal guidance to support your personal evolution. If you have booked the Golden or Diamond packages I will offer a partial refund, keeping the minimum of €33 for the time spent checking and preparing the natal astro chart life purpose reading report. 


Please note that I am not one of those practitioners that will be talking you into getting a session with me. The only real proof of anything is what YOU feel in your heart and soul. If you feel drawn to this session, then your Higher Self/Guides/Universe are drawing you to me in order to HELP YOU GROW. So please be OPEN and follow the call. But if you have a strong hesitation, doubts, resistance etc. please look elsewhere for help. 


I am not a licensed professional astrologer. All of the knowledge I have on astrology is from innumerable books since my interest in astrology and all things metaphysical started in my early teens. You can access my ever-growing list of Astrology related books HERE (90 books atm.)

I finally found the confidence to create a unique service such as this one thanks to the intense research I have done in the last 3 years.  I meticulously studied charts of many hundreds of my clients, while reflecting on life stories they shared with me, and on the intuitive guidance that came through their hypnosis sessions. When the galactic connections similarities/patterns caught my eye, I knew there was more to this. In the last 6 months I started including Galactic Astrology readings in Soul Realignment sessions and I am now fully convinced of the accuracy of the information. With each new reading I see more doors of fascinating information opening in front of me. I truly feel divinely guided here and very excited about the potential of what I am uncovering. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you can pay for the session in increments of your choice, as long as the full amount is pre-paid 3 days prior to your session. In case you are on a tight budget, perhaps you can purchase my latest online course where I teach people how to interpret their astrological natal chart in relation to galactic soul journey astrology.  Click HERE to review the course.

I am passionate about providing a comprehensive and accurate service and it takes me approximately 4 hours to complete 1 full galactic reading, plus 2 more hours for the video call and follow up email. It is energetically and timewise very consuming work, so unfortunately I am not in a position to reduce the current cost. 

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