Sun, 19 Apr | Online Video Call Group Event

Dolores Cannon Style Group Regression

Join us from the comfort of your home & enjoy a hypnosis regression afternoon in style of Dolores Cannon. Experience the Inner Journeying to uncover one of your past lives, meet & talk to your spirit guide, plus a surprise experience that will reveal to you things you didn't realize about yourself.
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Dolores Cannon Style Group Regression

Time & Location

19 Apr 2020, 12:00 – 16:00 IST
Online Video Call Group Event

About the Event

This is a 6th annual worldwide group regression week in honor of the late great Dolores Cannon's Birthday (April 15th). QHHT Practitioners Community members will be holding live and online group regressions across the world! Events like this create a powerful imprints on the collective consciousness that assists humanity to find it easier and easier for us all to access higher levels of consciousness in our every day lives. We are after all, multidimensional beings of light co-creating this physical reality. During this group regression session with Julia on the 19th of April 2020, you are invited to join us at the beautiful Amber Springs in Gorey, where you can feel safe to take a wonderful inner journey and find the answers and healing you may be looking for. The clearer your intention for the experience, the better.  


Here are some of the intentions from the attendees of my previous years group regression events:

  • Who am I on a Soul level?
  • Where is my Soul originating from?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • What are my soul qualities and gifts?
  • How can I best share my gifts with this world?
  • Why is my relationship with XYZ the way it is, is there a past life connection?
  • Why is XYZ behavioral pattern repeating in my life over and over?
  • How to get unstuck from my current situation?
  • Did I live in XYZ country or culture in the past life? Atlantis, Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, Essenes, Budhist ...?
  • What would my Higher Self  or my Spirit Guides like me to know?

***Choose ONE intention as your main driver for the experience.  




1. I will introduce you to the exceptional work of Dolores Cannon, her life long research and restoration of the Lost Knowledge through hypnosis. She spent over 45 years working with thousands of clients all over the world, retrieving fascinating information from the past by taking her clients into deepest levels of hypnosis. Her legacy still lives on as she wrote 17 mind-blowing books and thought hundreds of QHHT practitioners worldwide her exceptional hypnosis technique. We all proudly continue her work still, including myself. I will share extraordinary stories and topics that you as a group will be most interested in talking about.  You will be invited to share any of your own extraordinary stories as this group will offer a safe space for us to talk about things we can't usually talk about with most people, just yet.


2. As you will prepare for your own inner journey, I will guide you to a past life that is most relevant to your current life experience and questions/intention you may have for your Higher Self at this time of your life. We will discuss some of the amazing experiences that may occur within the group.


3. After a quick break, I will take you on a beautiful inner journey to a special place in nature, where you will meet your spirit guide(s) to receive a gift and messages that are most relevant for you at this time. 


4. And lastly, we will do a fun inner journey that will reveal some unconscious beliefs you have about many things in your life, you will find it intriguing, I am sure. :)


I can't wait to take you on this journey. I will be using the exact hypnotic scripts that Dolores Cannon herself was using whenever she was working with a group of people. I bet some of you will feel/see Dolores joining us, as she is still very much involved with guiding and supporting all her QHHT practitioners from the 'other side of the veil'. 




Here are my top tips to help you have an amazing experience:

1. Be playful and creative during the guided visualisation parts, allow yourself to imagine and have fun with the process.

2. Choose to have zero judgment of how you imagine things, if what you are imagining is right or wrong, crazy or too plain. Just give yourself permission to do it YOUR way and let it be good enough for you. Just like you don't judge unusual dream experiences, allow yourself to go with the flow of the story that may unravel for you during your inner journeying. 

3. Be curious, and feel free to explore all possibilities during your inner journey.

4. Trust that your Higher Self is unconditionally loving, and understanding what is best for you at this time. You will never be shown something you are not ready for. Trust the Divine Wisdom inside you.

5. Engage ALL your senses. Some of you are more VISUAL, some are more AUDITORY, and others don't really see or hear internally when following guided meditation but FEEL and SENSE a KNOWING that something is happening. Know and trust your strongest sense. 

6. Have a notepad handy so that you can record your experience while it will be fresh in your memory, just like a dream it could be fading away with hours going by after. OR, use a dictaphone free app on another electronic device and speak about what you are experiencing while it is happening. You will be muted on the group call so no one will hear you. The speaking will not bring you out of the inner journeying, you are able to perceive there and here at the same time.

7. In days leading to the group event, I strongly encourage you to listen to THETA brainwave frequency music such as in this PLAYLIST.   Find tracks that you enjoy listening to.  It really helps prepare your brain for the inner journeying.

8. Drink plenty of water the day before the event to help your body and brain be well hydrated. You would not believe the difference a well hydrated body and brain makes in terms of healing hypnosis sessions.  


This inner journeying experience can be a wonderful way for you to gain knowledge about your emotional, mental, physical or spiritual self and reflecting upon these explorations can bring significant healing, meaning, understanding and valuable insight.  


I will facilitate this group session online, using a free app that you can download on your electronic device. You will receive a unique zoom call link from me after you purchase the ticket.


You can experience everything while seated or you are welcome to lie down. We have people doing both in our groups. Go with what feels right and most comfortable for you. 


Anticipate for this to be an enjoyable and uplifting experience. 


With much Love,




In case you have experienced a long term or a severe abuse in your past that you haven't dealt with yet, I don't recommend you joining this event. It is VERY LIKELY that you will NOT be able to fully relax and enjoy inner journeying.  

 *   *   *                                                                                         

Dolores Cannon (15 Apr 1931- 18 Oct 2014) developed and perfected her unique method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), over several decades and thousands of QHHT® sessions. Dolores Cannon’s curiosity and fearlessness about the unknown and untried has ensured her enduring legacy as a pioneer in past life regression who continues to pave the way for QHHT® Practitioners now and in the future with her QHHT® classes.


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Julia, I wanted to acknowledge the massive awakening that occurred from your workshop. 

I honestly had not put all the pieces together till that day.  It all makes perfect sense now!! Thank you thank you thank you! 

I healed more of my past during this earthbound journey during your hypnosis and more questions answered.


I loved the group energy and your beautiful energy filled the room. I felt a belonging for the first time in my life.


I felt you could really see me in my truth and for me that is life-changing.

J. J.

SOUL COnnection

Hi Julia, 


I had tingles & tears in my eyes reading your email. Your kindness and your truth are undeniable. 


We could not sleep at night with excitement after the event! It was the most amazing energy I have ever felt at an event! 


I have a feeling of a divine nature. You truly inspired me.


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me. 


See you soon! 


Sending loads of Love and Light from us.

L. and A.


I was quite ill, dizzy, head pressure, anxiety and depression spells in the last few weeks prior to the event. After I got home from the day event with Julia at 6.30 pm, I felt, considerably better. My head was much clearer, I was not dizzy and was more positive of the weeks ahead of me that I cannot control.


The healing energy from the circle of 

people was always there.

I felt, every person was giving positive feelings into the room and the more I just opened my chest allowing it to happen, I felt better by the minutes. Time flew passed.


Thank you for this experience, I hope for it to happen again.

F. M.


Julia, you are one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met!

In the morning the vibrations were so HIGH I felt every throb, I was trying so hard to ground it. I could feel you about to BLAST off out of the room!


During the healing meditation, I felt a huge amount of energy flowing through me, I have never felt vibrations like that before! wowzeee! I am ready for it, bring it on, I can handle it!


In the afternoon I felt the tiredness after the high in the morning which was a relief to let it settle. 


Your warmth and composure kept us all together in one piece. I tried my best to take in all you were saying but for me, I just felt being there was so good I could feel the healing all day and really enjoyed seeing you buzz around the room as your excitement affected everyone tremendously!

I met beautiful souls at the event and I loved feeling how we are all healing, all going through it together

S. N.



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