Sun, 08 Mar | Amber Springs Hotel and Health Spa

Alternative Healing Practitioner Business

You have a strong desire to help others heal and grow, but self-doubt and lack of business know-how are stopping you? If you are considering becoming an alternative healing practitioner or a life coach but you keep procrastinating it, this unique workshop is here to help you.
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Alternative Healing Practitioner Business

Time & Location

08 Mar 2020, 10:00 – 16:30
Amber Springs Hotel and Health Spa, Wexford Rd, Knockmullen, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Y25 FY07, Ireland

About the Event

We live in the most extraordinary times on Earth with an ever-growing number of people experiencing Awakening into Higher Consciousness. More and more people realise the importance of healing and letting go of past traumas. 


There is an ever-increasing demand for genuine & skilled healers, therapists and life coaches. Hand in hand with this trend, there is also an increase of people who FEEL CALLED TO BE OF SERVICE, yet most of them are scared of the idea and are unsure how to follow their soul's calling. 


If you are naturally service-to-others focused, and if you are PREPARED TO DO WHAT IT TAKES  to make this world a better place, yet you don't know how to start and what is necessary for you to become a successful healing business practitioner, this workshop may be just be THE NEXT RIGHT STEP for you. 


During this full day workshop you will learn necessary steps you need to make to start getting paid for your acquired skills. From choosing the right alternative healing modality for your personality type, to registering your business and marketing your business. But above all, you will identify and clear limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that are stopping you from achieving your dreams. You will gain clarity and understanding about a strong mindset and daily habits that you need to develop to walk towards the fulfillment of your life's purpose.


Julia Balaz, the host of this special event, has created a successful alternative healing business, specializing in healing hypnosis, that she started in 2014, working part time for the first 2 years and full time since 2016. Along the way, Julia learned from many experts and is now determined to pass the wisdom and the mot effective business tools to others. Julia can be the perfect guide to help you fully align with your own path of a successful Alternative Healing Business Owner. 


This workshop will be a wonderful opportunity for you to also meet others who may be experiencing similar challenges as you and who vibe on the same wavelength with you. You can look forward to your rapid growth and expansion, to feeling supported, guided, uplifted, inspired and encouraged to continue to focus on becoming the best version of yourself, sharing your wisdom and love with those who need it, and as a bonus, you will start getting paid for being the best you. 


10am | 1st Segment | 1 hour 30 minutes 

Market & Business overview 

Identifying your core why  

Identifying the best business path for your personality and soul gifts 

Realistic & effective Time Management 

Short & Long-Term Vision & Goals 

Strategic Action Planning  

11.30 am Tea/Coffee/Snack Break  

11.45am | 2nd Segment | 1 hour 30 minutes 

Identifying and Clearing Success Limiting Beliefs 

Quantum Healing Group Regression Session  

1.15 pm Lunch Break  

2.15PM | 3rd Segment | 1 hour 15 minutes 

Building Your Success Mindset & Daily Habits for a Successful Long Term Business Development 

Personal Development & Business Tools, Resources

Free Long Term free and paid Mentorship Options for effective business marketing

3.30PM Tea/coffee/biscuits Break  

3.45PM | 4th Segment | 1 hour 15 minutes 

Best Marketing for Your Personality and Niche

Legal requirements, 

Financial Planning,  

Your USP  

Q & A

5pm finish 




This workshop will give you invaluable information and tools you need to start and develop your business, but YOU are the only one that must follow through by implementing the information and taking the steps that I will outline for you in order for you to see the results you are hoping for. 

If you connect well with the group, there will be an option to go forward as a group supporting one another via chosen online media. This alone can be invaluable experience as you will find and grow with 'your kinda people'.



A Pen, Journal/Notepad, 2020 Diary. 


Train station is about 7 minutes walk from the Amber Springs hotel. Ample free car parking available on site.


We will have gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian options available. Let us know if you habe any allergies.

Should you have any questions regarding the event, send me an email to


I look forward to seeing you there. 


With best wishes,

Julia <3


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Julia, I wanted to acknowledge the massive awakening that occurred from your workshop. 

I honestly had not put all the pieces together till that day.  It all makes perfect sense now!! Thank you thank you thank you! 

I healed more of my past during this earthbound journey during your hypnosis and more questions answered.


I loved the group energy and your beautiful energy filled the room. I felt a belonging for the first time in my life.


I felt you could really see me in my truth and for me that is life-changing.

J. J.

SOUL COnnection

Hi Julia, 


I had tingles & tears in my eyes reading your email. Your kindness and your truth are undeniable. 


We could not sleep at night with excitement after the event! It was the most amazing energy I have ever felt at an event! 


I have a feeling of a divine nature. You truly inspired me.


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me. 


See you soon! 


Sending loads of Love and Light from us.

L. and A.


I was quite ill, dizzy, head pressure, anxiety and depression spells in the last few weeks prior to the event. After I got home from the day event with Julia at 6.30 pm, I felt, considerably better. My head was much clearer, I was not dizzy and was more positive of the weeks ahead of me that I cannot control.


The healing energy from the circle of 

people was always there.

I felt, every person was giving positive feelings into the room and the more I just opened my chest allowing it to happen, I felt better by the minutes. Time flew passed.


Thank you for this experience, I hope for it to happen again.

F. M.


Julia, you are one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met!

In the morning the vibrations were so HIGH I felt every throb, I was trying so hard to ground it. I could feel you about to BLAST off out of the room!


During the healing meditation, I felt a huge amount of energy flowing through me, I have never felt vibrations like that before! wowzeee! I am ready for it, bring it on, I can handle it!


In the afternoon I felt the tiredness after the high in the morning which was a relief to let it settle. 


Your warmth and composure kept us all together in one piece. I tried my best to take in all you were saying but for me, I just felt being there was so good I could feel the healing all day and really enjoyed seeing you buzz around the room as your excitement affected everyone tremendously!

I met beautiful souls at the event and I loved feeling how we are all healing, all going through it together

S. N.



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