Dolores Cannon Style Group Regression
Join us from the comfort of your home & enjoy a hypnosis regression afternoon in style of Dolores Cannon. Experience Inner Journeying to uncover one of your Past Lives, a potential Future Life as well as meet and talk to your Spirit Guide(s). Expect this to be uplifting and enjoyable experience.
24 May 2020, 12:00 – 16:00 IST
Online Video Call Group Event


Julia, I wanted to acknowledge the massive awakening that occurred from your group event.

I honestly had not put all the pieces together till that day.  It all makes perfect sense now!! Thank you thank you thank you! 

I healed more of my past during this earthbound journey during your hypnosis and more questions answered.


I loved the group energy and your beautiful energy keeping us all safe. I felt a belonging for the first time in my life.


I felt you could really see me in my truth and for me that is life-changing.

J. J.


"Julia, I just want to thank you for the online session on Sunday.


While I didn’t feel the need to contribute much during the session, I did have an interesting experience during the past life regression where I received some clarity regarding a current situation with a work colleague and how it relates to a past life relationship with that person and how we are now replaying a karmic lesson."



"During the Past Life online regression, I saw my current father as someone who ended my life on a battle field. He did it to survive himself.

I experienced emotional moment of forgiveness and a higher understanding that not all bad things are done with evil intentions. Sometimes they are split second survival decisions.

I also saw my current children's roles in that past life and I feel very grateful for knowing that we have incarnated together again


Thank you for an amazing experience, the pace and flow of the 4 hours event was perfect.




I wanted to follow up with much gratitude for your online group event on Sunday. I felt a very powerful connection and Zoom worked incredibly well.


I really enjoyed my time away from reality by attending and had a very powerful experience/connection, particularly with the spirit guide and future life.


This has been inspiring to help me lift my sense around what I am feeling right now ..

it’s strengthened my connection with faith and hope for humanity, planet earth and the connection with all the light beings assisting our ascension...

I hope you will host another event soon.

With much love and light

V. J.

uplifted and inspired

Julia, you are one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met!

I really enjoyed today. You have such a beautiful energy and I always feel so uplifted after your events.

Your warmth and composure kept us all safe together.

I am grateful for connecting with sweet souls during the event and most of all hearing the future lives stories. Wow, makes me feel so hopeful for what's yet to come. 

My spirit guide connection was the strongest for me today.


 I loved feeling how we are all healing, all going through it together.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


"I go to Julia's events and it is amazing what she can do for us, and the experience we take from her workshops, it's precious for inner development."  C.M.F.

*    *    *

"I went to 4 of Julia's group events and each was a very special experience. You can see how passionate she is about sharing wisdom and teaching valuable skills. I look forward to her future events." M.K.

*    *    *

"Julia is one of the most enlightened spiritual teachers I have come across. She has dedicated her life to spreading the light and sharing her knowledge with people on this path. She gives more than enough on her events, sharing knowledge, books, facts, meditations and even her fabulous presentations. She does not go to work and does her spiritual practice on the side, but she lives to heal and help people full time." L.F.

*    *    *

"Thank you Julia for sharing all your wisdom and knowledge. It was a fantastic day. I highly recommend this workshop with Julia." MS

*    *    *

"Thank you Julia for a wonderful day with amazing and very relevant lessons. It was fantastic to be around like minded souls." M.N.

*    *    *

"Very interesting day, a lot to think about and new avenues to be explored, thank you. The stories that were shared really show our potential when our minds are focused in the right way."  E.H.

*    *    *

"The energy in the room was amazing. Inspirational stories and information that help me stay positive and focused on my goals. Thank you." M.D.



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