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Dolores Cannon Style Group Regression
Join us from the comfort of your home & enjoy a hypnosis regression afternoon in style of Dolores Cannon. Experience the Inner Journeying to uncover one of your past lives, meet & talk to your spirit guide, plus a surprise experience that will reveal to you things you didn't realize about yourself.
Apr 19, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT+1
Online Video Call Group Event


Julia, I wanted to acknowledge the massive awakening that occurred from your workshop. 

I honestly had not put all the pieces together till that day.  It all makes perfect sense now!! Thank you thank you thank you! 

I healed more of my past during this earthbound journey during your hypnosis and more questions answered.


I loved the group energy and your beautiful energy filled the room. I felt a belonging for the first time in my life.


I felt you could really see me in my truth and for me that is life-changing.

SOUL COnnection

Hi Julia, 


I had tingles & tears in my eyes,  your kindness and your truth are undeniable. 


We could not sleep at night with excitement after the event! It was the most amazing energy I have ever felt at an event! 


I have a feeling of a divine nature. You truly inspired me.


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me. 


See you soon! 


Sending loads of Love and Light from us.


I was quite ill, dizzy, head pressure, anxiety and depression spells in the last few weeks prior to the event. After I got home from the day event with Julia at 6.30 pm, I felt, considerably better. My head was much clearer, I was not dizzy and was more positive of the weeks ahead of me that I cannot control.


The healing energy from the circle of 

people was always there.

I felt, every person was giving positive feelings into the room and the more I just opened my chest allowing it to happen, I felt better by the minutes. Time flew passed.


Thank you for this experience, I hope for it to happen again.


Julia, you are one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met!

In the morning the vibrations were so HIGH I felt every throb,


During the healing meditation, I felt a huge amount of energy flowing through me, I have never felt vibrations like that before! wowzeee! I am ready for it, bring it on, I can handle it!


In the afternoon I felt a steady grounding and peace occurring which was so nice after the high of the morning. 


Your warmth and composure kept us all together in one piece. I tried my best to take in all you were saying but for me, I just felt being there was so good I could feel the healing all day and really enjoyed seeing you buzz around the room as your excitement affected everyone tremendously!

I met beautiful souls at the event and I loved feeling how we are all healing, all going through it together

I go to Julia's events and it is amazing what she can do for us, and the experience we take from her workshops, it's precious for inner development.  C.M.F.

*    *    *

I went to 3 of Julia's group events and each was a very special experience. You can see how passionate she is about sharing wisdom and teaching valuable skills. I look forward to her future events. M.K.

*    *    *

Julia is one of the most enlightened spiritual teachers I have come across. She has dedicated her life to spreading the light and sharing her knowledge with people on this path. She gives more than enough on her events, sharing knowledge, books, facts, meditations and even her fabulous presentations. She does not go to work and does her spiritual practice on the side, but she lives to heal and help people full time. L.F.

*    *    *

Thank you Julia for sharing all your wisdom and knowledge. It was a fantastic day. I highly recommend this workshop with Julia. MS

*    *    *

Thank you Julia for a wonderful day with amazing and very relevant lessons. It was fantastic to be around like minded souls. Mark

*    *    *

Very interesting day, a lot to think about and new avenues to be explored, thank you. The stories that were shared really show our potential when our minds are focused in the right way.  E.H.

*    *    *

The energy in the room was amazing. Inspirational stories and information that help me stay positive and focused on achieving my goals. Thank you. M.D.