Do any of these complaints sound like you?

"I would love to help people professionally, but I am lacking courage and practical steps to follow my passion. " 

* * *

"I know deep down that I am supposed to do something really meaningful, but I don't know what it is."

* * *

 "I feel overwhelmed by working in a job I hate and I don't know how to change my situation responsibly. "  
 * * *

"I am constantly procrastinating and sabotaging my own happiness and success."

* * *

"I feel so drained around my family and friends, I crave people who are on my wavelength."

* * * 

"I am finding it hard to move on from my past and make peace with my childhood traumas."

* * * 

"I am dreaming about creating something that I could be proud of but I don't believe I am good enough."

* * *

"I feel lost at the moment, don't know what to focus on any more. I am overwhelmed with the negativity of this world."


These are some of the most common frustrations that I help my clients to overcome. I have a wealth of personal experience with overcoming these challenges myself and I have a great empathy for how difficult life can get without a helping hand.


The key to self-mastery ~ and mastering our human experience ~ is Self-knowledge! 


Even though our Soul is the most fundamental aspect of our existence most people never really think about

who they are at Soul-level! Isn't that crazy?!


And while you may think you know yourself, yet you’re not creating exactly what you want,

chances are there is some key knowledge about your past & your Divine aspect that you are missing.


If you are at that point when you question everything in your life,  

it may be the right time for you to discover who you truly are, at Soul-level!

There are many ways to tune in and receive guidance from above, but only a few have the patience and a will to learn. I have made quantum leaps in my spiritual evolution since I learned to connect to my Soul's wisdom and the Akashic Records and my life has turned around for the better (far better than I ever anticipated). I am certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner (by Andrea Hess) and I am dedicated to helping you to find answers and your own spiritual power connection through your own Soul Realignment®.


Your Soul contains great wisdom & power you need

to manifest a joyful, fulfilling and prosperous human experience.


We often unconsciously allow the consequences of our previous life actions or deep seeded beliefs to stop us from achieving our full potential, UNTIL we realize the lessons and value of the experiences. Soul Realignment® can speed up this process by bringing awareness, understanding & quantum healing, allowing you to leave past limitations behind and start making new choices that are in alignment with your soul's divine plan.


Just imagine...


...having your BIG life questions answered, feeling at PEACE with your past!

...understanding YOUR life PURPOSE, finding PASSION for life!

...family and friends complimenting your new CONFIDENCE and ENERGY!

...old shame & guilt lifted off of you, no more feeling down weeks!

...knowing your worth and getting RESPECT from others!
being COMFORTABLE with your life decisions, no more hesitation!

...BEING ACTION-TAKER, taking each next step with a determined mind.

...feeling truly HAPPY regardless of any circumstances!

...living life on YOUR TERMS!


Research conducted by the International Coach Federation has revealed a number of ways coaching clients have found coaching to be valuable to their lives (ICF 1998, ICF 2009).

  • Improvements in self confidence and self esteem.

  • More harmonious relationships, better communication and heightened interpersonal skills.

  • Increased work performance and smarter business management.

  • Greater career opportunities.

  • Improved goal-setting and higher rates of project completion.

  • Increased personal organization and better time management.

  • Better work/life balance, more fun and more free time.

  • Improvements in health, fitness and wellness, more energy and lowered stress levels.

  • Success in stopping a bad habit.

  • Improvements in quality of life.

  • More income.

In the same two studies, coaching clients said they found life coaching to be worth the investment. The first study, conducted in 1998, found that 98.5% of coaching clients said their coaching was valuable or very valuable. The second, conducted in 2009, found 99% of clients were satisfied or very satisfied.

According to a third study (ICF 2004), the aspects coaching clients found most valuable were:

  • Brainstorming with their coach.

  • Having an independent viewpoint.

  • The encouragement they received.

  • Being accountable.

  • Being listened to.

some of my clients' reviews

My daughter and her husband experienced many positive changes in their life after working with Julia so I decided to give this a try.

Julia told me details about my past that she couldn't have known,

everything made so much sense. 

I now understand why certain events in my life happened and how my past lives issues played a role. Because my life didn't turn out the way I wanted, I got stuck in negativity. Julia helped me remember who I am at Soul level and why I am here. First time in my life I feel at peace! (I am 63) Even my long-term neck pain disappeared overnight! I don’t get angry as I used to, my relationship with family  & friends improved a lot, and deep pain after losing someone very close to me lost its intensity. Now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and my faith in goodness of Life is back and stronger than ever. I am so glad I didn't let my doubt stop me from experiencing this.

Julia is very knowledgeable, compassionate and her tactful positivity is refreshing.

— Karl Rainer, Restaurant Owner 

  • Wouldn't it be nice to be in-sync and feel balance in all areas of your life? 

  • If you could enjoy loving and supporting relationships with no more drama?

  • Experiencing synchronicities leading to positive outcomes?

  • Imagine if things and people that used to "push your buttons" no longer irritated you! 
  • Understanding the bigger picture brings peace to your life and you can trust that all is well.

  • You can feel confident in decision making when you know who and how powerful you are.
  • With no blocks in your way, your creativity can flourish, inspiring you to do things that excite you. 
  • Experiencing positive and loving thoughts is natural when you are in alignment with your soul. 

  • Strong intuition and understanding your life in general, feeling on top of the game is now at your fingertips.

  • How about a  dream job offer or a whole new exciting career path or meeting your soul mate?
Happy and fulfilled life after Soul Realignment

Let's look at what you can expect after booking

your Soul Realignment® session with me.


It is important that you set a clear intention about the changes you wish to create in your life going forward as this will assist the appropriate information to come through and it makes you an active participant aiding the process of your life transformation. 


As I access your Akashic Records, connect with your Spirit guides and your Soul, my intention is to receive only information that is most beneficial to you at this time in order to improve your life. My main objective is to help you understand how you can use this information in a practical, grounded action to help you create more of what you want.


Once you order your session, you’ll receive an email from me asking for basic information I need to prepare for your reading and a link to my calendar. Generally, we schedule our call within a week from the time of your order. 


Your Soul Realignment call session with me will take approx 90-120 minutes. You will receive a copy of the call recording after we finish so that you can go over the vast amount of information in your own time to help you to integrate the new knowledge.


Are you ready to find out about your Soul's history,

how  your past decisions are still affecting you today and

how can you take all your power back to transform your life for the better?


During our 2 hours web call session you will discover:

1)  Uplifting energy of a supportive & healing relationship of trust and respect. 

2) A broader perspective of truth and professionalism with no emotional entanglement or irritations.

3) Tools, techniques, focus, wisdom, intent, and knowledge to elicit your values, goals, and beliefs.

4) A plan of action and a strategy for success toward a defined outcome or result.


5) A coach is a model for success by remaining congruent in his/her own life and how he/she lives it.  A coach is a congruent model for success in how to be proactive in life. For a coaching-client relationship to be effective, the coach must remain congruent and be trustworthy. This can only be achieved by creating rapport and by demonstrating respect and honesty.   

6) -A coach is someone who is able to remain focused on the client‘s outcome without becoming attached to it personally and by maintaining the flexibility required.   

7) I will help you to clearly define the current problem or challenge and where this comes from or what is supporting it. Then to fully decide what is wanted - the desired state of being and experience, when that problem no longer exists.  


8) establish the modules for change, and the content and structure of the coaching sessions that will lead to the client‘s success. You and the client will discover what the limiters or road- blocks are currently, which then become the focus for creating change. The Plan of Action also needs to have built in accountability for the client with tasks or homework to bring the new skills and behaviors into a level of competency leading to easy and solid accomplishment.  

9) Tears and/or scars on your soul's layers' web that are affecting your current life. Past life stories are revealed here, this will bring many important answers to you and with this new awareness you can heal and feel at peace with your past as you understand how the downfall started and how you are empowered to change your life. 

10)State of your chakras, correction of energy flow throughout and further recommendations from your guides about what you need to do further to prevent your chakras from getting blocked again.   

11) Whether your DNA upgrade and Pineal Gland /Third Eye need to be activated and what actions can help you to speed up the process of your spiritual growth. I also check if left & right brain are in balance and if not, we activate the energy flow to assist with this. All this results in much better meditative state, stronger intuition & connection to your higher aspect and guides. 

12) A parting message from your Spirit guides, your Higher aspect or a relative that past away that may wish to connect. 


There are four very important components to your successful Soul Realignment process:

1) Comprehensive clearing of your Akashic Records from all past trauma that is currently affecting you, only keeping your soul's learning from those experiences in your soul's records. (this is a team work of my highest soul aspect, your highest soul aspect and your Akashic Records Guides)

2) Clearing your aura & your soul's golden web from negative energies blockages from present and past lives and initiating a process of a complete healing of all tears and scars on your soul's body that were affecting your life negatively, then sealing your aura with high vibrational energies of multiple colours layers to ensure the completion of your full recovery.

3) Your daily reading out loud your home-work (for at least 21 days), this is you making a definite energetic statement to the universe requesting and confirming that your full Soul Realignment must take place.

4) You making a conscious effort & start making new choices in your day to day actions that will be fully aligned with your Soul's original blueprint. Your clear understanding of how your past choices affected and limited your well being will make your new choices feel natural and easy after our call.

As a powerful addition, my dear husband Marek, who is an experienced Reiki Master healer, is joining me during the energy blockages clearing process. This brings you the best of both feminine & masculine energies joining forces  & to quantify the intensity of healing energies sent your way. While I go over a super comprehensive Akashic Records clearing of past traumas as part of your Soul Realignment process, Marek concentrates on sending the Divine healing Universal energy using different Reiki symbols relevant to the information I obtained from your Akashic Records.  (This clearing & healing ceremony is done shortly after our web call)

Following the clearing and healing process, Marek and I proceed with adding numerous layers of different colour frequencies to your auric field to only allow positive energies that are 5th dimensional or higher to enter your auric field going forward.

It is expected of you to be an active participant in your own healing process. We trust that you will gladly invest 3 minutes a day for the next 21 days when you know it will ensure lasting results. That is how long it usually takes for the shift in energy to imprint itself into the cellular memory of your DNA. You don't want the healing to be wasted by ignoring your part in the process.




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I am very passionate about empowering everyone working with me so you will receive additional tools and resources that will help you maintain your energy field intact and to support your continuously increasing vibration and spiritual evolution. These are free gifts that you will receive shortly after your Soul Realignment call.



Energy Clearing Technique

Grounding Technique

Positive Affirmations Audio 

Pendulum 101

List of my fave whole food supplements

(to help with healing your body on a cellular level and repairing your DNA)

List of my fave high-grade therapeutic Essential oils

(to help you detox, improve immunity and raise your frequency)

Email Updates

with planetary energetical news and Soul wisdom tips to help you

stay in a  well-balanced quantum expansion shape. :)  




Q: Does this really work? I have tried so many other things before.

A: Absolutely! You and I are a team and we are going to discover what is temporarily keeping you from your goals and what to do to resolve this. All of the work you have done before will be a foundation for us to finally get the results you want.   Q: How long will it take to fix my problem? A: As you may know, each person’s situation is unique, and you will begin to get results from the very first session. As we set goals and define the challenges you are wanting to resolve, it will be easier to give you an estimate of how many sessions will be useful for you to reach your goals.   
Q: How much will it cost to reach my goals?  

A: My fee is €60 per hour. If you have a package deal this is the time to offer it. Many times, it is beneficial both for the coach and the client to offer packages of 10, 5, and 3 sessions with a slight discount per session as compared to the client purchasing one session at a time.     Q: How often will we work together?  A: I like to work in hour to 1 hour sessions mostly once a week. However, the choice is yours to decide what is most convenient for your schedule.   
The higher the number of sessions the client chooses to purchase, the lower the price per session he or she will pay. Multiple sessions purchased up front show the determination the client has to make the necessary choices to create the change they are looking for. Guarantees

If you wholeheartedly implement what we discussed in our session, and you experience no improvements what'soever and do not manifest more of what you want within 90 days, I’ll refund your money. Of course, if you do nothing with the information, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll get no results from our work and healing you received and any improvements you experience after our call will be short-lived. Your non-implementation is not a valid reason for a refund.


Please note that I am not one of those practitioners that will be talking you into getting a session with me. The only real proof of anything is what YOU feel in your heart and soul! If you feel drawn to this session then your Higher Self/Guides/Angels are drawing you to me in order to HELP YOU. So please be OPEN, but if you have a strong hesitation, please look elsewhere for help. Thank you.


I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions and do not consult or advise about such conditions. Equally, Soul Realignment session does not constitute as a medical advice. It is sole responsibility of each individual to seek medical professional care and advice for any medical conditions. 

Thank you. I look forward to connecting with you very soon. With best wishes, Julia


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